Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bubbles and a Great Learning Tool

Lily loves bubbles. She talks about "boowing bubbels" quite frequently, in fact. So, we got out the other night and practiced our bubble blowing. It was a rough start, but once she figured it out she did great.
Ian, on the other hand, has his mind stuck on football. Him and Brad set up orange cones for end zones and played some one-on-one football. Mostly it was just Ian trying to take his daddy down. Guess what Ian's favorite tv channel is. The NFL Network. I keep telling myself it's just a stage. Which it probably is. I hope.

And here's a great homeschooling tool I've been using with the kids. They are pattern blocks. They can be used for many different things. Lily made random patterns with hers. Ian sorted the blocks by color and shape. He also built a house with the blocks using his construction tools. You can use them to set up pattern sequences. You can pretty much use them for anything your mind can concoct.

I got mine at Oriental Trading for a reasonable price. I like simple learning toys that inspire imagination and creativity.

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Nicole said...

Don't you just love oriental trading! I could browse their website all day long. I love your candy corn garland below. I was trying to shift mine to another light the other day and it broke. You should have seen the kids run towards the candy. I know gross, but they were to quick, they got a few down. BTW Tai Pan is a big decoration store. Kind of like the decorating part of hobby lobby, but cheaper and better I think. I'm surprised that Utah was one of the first places to get one, were usually the last. I'm still wising we'd get an In and Out burger place.