Thursday, August 31, 2017

a mingling of seasons..

It's that strange time of the year when the seasons are mingling, and I'm just never really sure what to do. There are gourds and a pumpkin from the garden sitting next to impatiens on the porch. The nurseries are selling mums but the summer flowers are still mostly vibrant and clinging on to life. The chilly morning air requires a sweater which is then quickly stripped off only an hour or two later. Time is tugged back and forth between garden preservation and getting on with the new endeavors of autumn. 

With two weeks of homeschooling tucked under the belt, we are getting ready to dive into the full swing of fall schedules. Music lessons, co-op classes, art class, community group, and the other activities that fill up our moments. And my yearning for some fiber work has been creeping back in over the last several weeks as the mornings and evenings have grown cooler and the days just a tad bit shorter. I am finding myself scrambling to finish up the few projects I left languishing over the summer so that I can break through into fall with a fresh project. Socks? A sweater? A poncho? All things that have flickered through my mind. 

And a tizzy of preserving and canning has had me falling into bed exhausted every night lately. It's a good kind of exhaustion, stemming from long, productive days of work. And that freezer and can cellar is filling up with all manner of homegrown and homemade goodness. And if I shall be frank, this girl here is quite possibly looking forward to the fall and the change it brings. A bit of a break from the endless harvesting and a time to just draw in a bit more and concentrate on some cozier activities.


Billie Jo said...

Yes, Amber...
I am ready for the cozy feel of fall.
Your photos certainly bring a sense of cozy.
Have a lovely evening. : )

Katy said...

We will be starting up our co-op days as well soon. We also have a few weeks under our belts of homeschooling. :) I love fall and am already in the autumn mindset! :)

I love all the photos you post! They are truly lovely!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mandy said...

Your pictures are beautiful, Amber! The transition of seasons is always interesting!

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Amber, Beautiful photo's, I love your home, and your home life.
You are such an inspiration to me.

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...


Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...
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