Thursday, August 24, 2017

the eternal importance of motherhood...

The light this morning was amazing as the sun rose up over the hill across the pastures. Morning is my favorite time of the day. The day presents itself full of potential and promise. There is the quiet and stillness as the world begins to stir awake.

As I type this post, one child is pounding notes out on the piano and the other is outside caring for the goats and chickens. I'm sipping on lukewarm coffee, the cup of a busy mom. In a few moments, we will gather on the couch, like we do every morning, for the start of another school day.

This is how I love to start our mornings. Together. Books. Coffee. Reading words out loud and hearing my children begging me to "read just one more chapter."

This is only our fourth official day of our new homeschool year, and I've already found myself mentally reminding myself to calm down and face the day as the journey it is, not a checklist that my mind so easily makes it. This is the lifestyle we have chosen as best for our family. Spending time with one another. Reading good books and learning so much through the words of so many authors. Using our hands to make things and create things. Filling our home with the beauty of music, literature, and God's world.

Be present, Amber.

We did not choose this homeschooling lifestyle to rush through it, checking off boxes as we accomplish things.

We chose it for the closeness it brings. The experiences. The breathing in of life at a steady pace. The beauty and messiness of living a life here on this soil where God has planted us. Learning how to live life peacefully with one another (and, oh, that can be tough and must be learned over and over again) and learning, together, how to live more like Jesus.

And so I ask myself, "How do we glorify God in the midst of this ordinary day? In the midst of crumbs and dirty dishes and math problems and chores?"

By being present. By remaining humble and grateful for all the blessings He has given to us. By resting in the knowledge that this is the calling He has placed upon my life during this season. By thanking Him for the children I have who produce all of this dirty laundry. By being full of gratitude for the ability to chop and stir and prepare dishes of food that fill the bellies that gather around the table each night. (Because, to me, food is love.)

My kids are growing. Each day that passes is one less day that their presence will grace our home. So I want to grasp onto each day and live it fully.

This is what I yearn for ~ a heart that can be still enough and quiet enough and content enough to be fully aware of the opportunities God has given me right here in the moments of my ordinary life. Because this ordinary life is the one He has placed me in, and He has placed me here with an eternal purpose in mind. And, oh, if I could just remember that, my ordinary life wouldn't perhaps feel so ordinary. Right? Eternal purpose can never be ordinary.


Katy said...

Beautifully written and I feel the *exact* same!! :)

Billie Jo said...

This is so beautifully written, and so very true.
I share the same feelings.
We did not always homeschool.
How I wish we had.
I love the slow pace, the togetherness, the focus on family, and on our faith.
I always enjoy visiting with you here.
I leave with a sense of peace.
Have a cozy evening. : )

harknessangels said...

What a lovely post and just what I needed to read as we embark on a new homeschool year. I need the reminder to be present and not check off the boxes! Thanks so much, Amber!

Pam said...

I LOVE what you wrote! So true and beautifully articulated. I'm SO glad you are posting again!

karen said...

So true! I find it is easier to be present the older that I get. You have a lovely home and your kids are growing!!! eep!