Wednesday, March 2, 2016

spring dreaming...

Conversation with Lily this morning:

Lily (walking very sleepily into my room and plopping herself down on the chair with a grumpy look on her face): "I hate it." 

Me: "What?"

Lily: "The snow."

Me: "Oh, yes, we did wake to snow." 

Lily: "We were outside just yesterday in sweatshirts. Now I'm going to have to get all bundled up to take care of the animals today." 

Yep, and that's the truth. Yesterday, it was 66 degrees, sunny, and smelling just like spring. Then some nasty, nasty winds rolled in through the night, and we woke up to a fresh coat of snow with more falling from the sky. The last two pics are from yesterday and today. Yesterday, Lily made fresh squeezed lemonade and the kids spent six hours in the woods. Today? Snow bibs will be required for any outdoor playing.

Me? Well, I'm okay with it. I just try to roll with the weather anymore. No use getting upset about it when you have no control over it, and I know spring will come. It always does. The moment I stopped fighting the seasons and the weather was the moment that I began to see the gifts that each season brings. In fact, I have decided that I would get bored living in a place that was constantly warm. Would I love to have a garden year round? Sure! But I also really appreciate the break that the colder months give to us. 

So today I'm choosing to roll with the 22 degree temperature and snowflakes, knowing that next week is predicted to be in the 70's. 

I did, however, being quite bitten by the spring bug that yesterday's weather brought, planted some parsley and some basil in two old pottery pieces that my brother-in-law gave me. They are old and, not being sure how they were made (they are handmade), I didn't feel comfortable using them to actually drink or eat out of. So yesterday, I felt inspired to plant some herbs for the kitchen, and these little pottery pieces made excellent spots for the seeds to land. 

I do plant a large amount of herbs in our outdoor gardens every year, and I still have a lot of dried oregano, dill, thyme, and some others. However, I'm out of parsley. In fact, I don't think I even dried any because I was making chimichurri sauce several times a week during the garden season. I do have some dried basil in the pantry, but fresh basil is so much better in my opinion. 

The little oaks are doing quite well. Brad and Lily planted a second round of them yesterday evening. They will wait another four weeks and plant another round. I think that Ian may be doing his project for the homeschool project fair on seeds and trees, so this will make a perfect addition to his information, and is why they decided to plant the trees in rounds. 

Lily has been sewing nonstop. Her latest project has been little potholders. In fact, the ones I had were ones I received for our wedding shower almost sixteen years ago. I'm sure that you can imagine that they were in sorry shape. Well, my little sweetheart whipped up six potholders to replace the old  ones, so now I have a whole drawer of handmade goodies from my little girl. It truly does make me so happy to see her being so industrious. She has been receiving weekly sewing lessons again from my friend, and she is enjoying this time so much. Maybe someday soon she can teach me how to properly read and decipher a sewing pattern!

Me, being more of a knitter, well, I've just recently started my first pair of handknit socks. I cast them on last Wednesday and am about halfway through the second sock now. Honestly, I didn't think I was going to like knitting socks when I first cast on. It seemed tedious and the dpn's were cumbersome, but I've gotten used to them now and they are a somewhat quick little project. Besides, I am completely enamored with the thought of opening up my sock drawer and finding it filled with handknit socks. I'm using this basic sock pattern and knitting with a fingering weight 100% superwash merino wool that I bought in Virginia when we were on vacation there four years ago. This skein was dyed to reflect the colors of the ocean sky and water there at Chincoteague.

In other knitting news, I swatched for what will be my very first knit sweater. I am really excited to start this, but I am going to finish the socks first. I tend to be a focused knitter, determined to finish one project before starting another. I do have some works-in-progress, but I do mostly finish one before starting another. I will be using this cardigan pattern by TinCan Knits, and I bought Cascade 220 yarn to make it in. I wanted to make my first sweater in a more affordable yarn in case I really messed it up, but I do have some Madeline Tosh Pashmina yarn in the Calligraphy colorway that is reserved for a future sweater once I get this first one under my belt. That will be a most luxurious sweater!

I hope you all have a fine day! We're going to do our school lessons this morning and then spend the afternoon doing some baking. We'll warm the kitchen up on this cold, snowy day!

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Wendi said...

The weather has been like that here also. I keep telling Megan it is a tease and not to get disappointed when the 60/70* days are not here tomorrow. Like you, I know they will be here soon. Those socks are wonderful! It is great that Lily is sewing. I really need to slow things down and take the time to teach Megan. That just might be our Spring Break project.

Rachel E. said...

I love that you are knitting your own socks. They look fabulous. Your daughter did a great job on the potholders. Sometimes, I wish my kids were more industrious. I often ask myself where I went wrong. :) It isn't that they have no talent! My oldest, thought legally blind, crochets and draws very well. She is actually better than I am at crocheting. I didn't not teach her, she taught herself.

I like your philosophy on the seasons. I try to enjoy each season as well. I also agree with you - fresh basil is best.

Have a blessed day!

Donna said...

It is such a crazy winter, isn't it? I love the Harvest cardigan. It's on my list - I really want to knit it with some hand spun, which means it will be a while before I cast on! I love your photos - especially the pups <3

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I simply love coming to your blog. I love your photos and your posts. I hope you have a wonderful day friend.

Debbie said...

new to your blog, thank you for finding me. i adore the name of your blog and it looks to me, you have done just that!!

our weather is the same, yard work yesterday, snow is forecasted for friday!!!

Simply At Home said...

such talent...I love how you have took the time to teach your daughter how, our weather is the same warm, now cold with no snow thank goodness ~ back to warm. March is a roller coaster month. Inspiring post love the photo's.

Billie Jo said...

Exactly the same here!
My Flynn was out on her scooter yesterday.
Then last night...crazy winds came, and with them...cold and snow.
Today we are schooling inside with a warm cozy fire.
I actually don't mind. The older I get, the more I realize each day is a blessing. : )
Have a cozy evening with your people.

Jill said...

Beautiful photos. I love to plant seeds and watch them sprout. It looks like you and your family are keeping very busy with lesson and music. I love "country roads." I hope the snow melts very soon.

Leslie Kimel said...

Lily's potholders are perfect--I love the fabrics she chose. And the pots you planted your seeds in are too cool; they'll look great filled with herbs. Your house seems so cozy and full of creativity. It sounds like so much fun to spend the afternoon baking!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Your pictures are amazing! I enjoyed scrolling down, and then hearing your conversation with your daughter. I always tell myself to enjoy all the weather that the seasons have to offer. Weather is always unpredictable, and we just have to be thankful for what we have when we have it, lol! You have a lot of chickens, 32! I thought I had a lot with 15... what do you do with all your eggs? So happy to have met you, and look forward to more happy visits :)

Lisa said...

I have to confess that I'm a wee bit jealous of your snow... Although I'm thoroughly enjoying the mild late-winter/pre-spring weather here, my daughter and I are both longing for a good snow before we move into spring. Unlikely in our part of the country. Sigh. On the other hand, my fingers are itching to get dirty. :)

Cascade 220 has been on my needles (and I'm loving it). I just downloaded "Harvest" and think I'll see if I have yarn in my stash to cast this on. I've been wanting to knit myself a cardigan...

Caroline said...

I'm doing my first pair of socks too. I like the pattern you're using which is actually quite similar to mine. I've also used dpn's but keen to try the circular needle and magic loop method and two socks at once for the next pair. Yes I did buy more (ahem quite a bit more) sock yarn even though I hadn't finished the first pair!
Love all that snow. We (in the UK) have had a mild winter with the lightest sprinkling of snow what hardly covered the ground and melted in a matter of hours.

karen said...

I know your sweater will be perfection :) very very exciting :) love the catch up with what you are all doing. We are toying with a tiny garden...we skipped last year because of our daughter's wedding (couldn't focus!!). I think we should this year plant one.

Deborah said...

Your socks are BEAUTIFUL!! Socks are one of my most favorite things to knit. And sock yarn is gloriously fun to buy... Because you only need one skein and it's for a whole project. Lots of bang for your buck:-). I loved reading your post, and the picture of your Bible and notebook inspires me to a greater dedication to studying the Word.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Your weather sounds like ours! Snowing one day and nearly 70 degrees a couple days later. So crazy!

Thanks for the comment on my post about my new baby :)

Mereknits said...

I think your life sounds very lovely, snow or no snow. Love your socks.