Monday, February 22, 2016

finally finished

The afghan that I was supposed to have finished for Lily's birthday at the beginning of the month is finally finished. And the only reason that happened is because I had to break down and tell her that I was making it. Unfortunately, it became very evident that it was going to be impossible for her to receive it anytime soon if I stuck to working on it in secret when she was asleep.

Since then, I have been working on it in all of my free minutes. It's made using the crochet linen stitch which is extremely easy but also extremely time-sapping since it's just single crochets alternating with chain stitches. Makes for a slow go. 

But it's done! Yay! And she loves it! Yay! And it's huge, which I'm very much pleased with. The first few photos are of it laying across our queen sized bed. (As a side note: this little dog tried to claim the afghan before I could even give it to Lily. She loves soft, fluffy things.) 

I love making my kids handmade things. In my mind, I see them treasuring them forever, although that may not happen in reality. However, I feel like I give them a little piece of myself (and my life) when I make them something with my own hands. And for me, that's a wonderful feeling, and my whole tribe really seems to love and appreciate the things I make for them. 

Some project notes:

The pattern ~ Beach Stripe Surf Blanket
The yarn ~ Bernat Super Value (Although I would definitely consider myself a yarn snob and reach for the natural fibers for most projects, I have used mainly acrylic yarns for large projects like afghans. They hold up well, I don't have to worry about laundering them in any special way, and they are more economical. This blanket cost about $60 in yarn using the super value yarn. It would have been at least triple that if I had used a wool blend.)


Mrs. Chrissy T said...


Billie Jo said...

I can't do anything like that to save my life!
What a wonderful gift for your girl. : )

Simply At Home said...

Very talent is Beautiful. What a nice keepsake.

Zena said...

Wonderful afghan! I think she will definitely love it forever in to teens and 20's and more if it lasts the test of time. It's a very cool blanket. I have to knit for the kids in front of the them otherwise it'll never get done. But a surprise knitted gift would be nice; maybe when the youngest is in a better sleep routine. I am knitting a rainbow blanket for said child and it would of been $200 with the good yarn so I'm also comprising the yarn snob in me and looking for something from Knitpicks.

harknessangels said...

Lovely afghan! Fabulous colors! I have had that pattern in my mind to make for a long time. I love making things for my children too and hope they will always love getting handmade projects from me!

karen said...

It is beautiful!!! I love how your daughter is already treasuring it :) and of course your pup would love a big big blanket, my dog loves blankets too.

Alina said...

Oh, what a gorgeous cozy blanket! Love the burst of colors!

Mereknits said...

Your blog is just so lovely, I want to move right in your house and sit with you and crochet. I adore that blanket, so much work but well worth every single stitch!!!!
Hugs to you,

Heather said...

Amber, that's just gorgeous and she will be able to keep it and use it always! What a great gift :) She looks like such a sweetie.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh I simply loved the pictures of Lily enjoying her very special and amazing birthday gift, and the sweet furball having fun with it too! You are very talented! I agree that making things like this to give to your children is like giving them a part of you to treasure! Lily was certainly showing her happiness at receiving such a special treasure. :)

Row. said...

Beautiful! I love all the photos and your daughter looks so happy!!! I think its so true that when you make something for a loved one its like giving them a little bit of you to keep forever. p.s. new to your blog and loving it!