Friday, April 19, 2013

springy things

 (Forsythia branches delivered to my door today by a sweet, sweet friend.)

I just happened to open my eyes up to the state of my house, and this is what I saw in the living room. I realize it's probably not that bad, it's mostly just books and super heroes. It's a rainy, windy day so we've been cooped up in the house all day. Today was our last day of homeschool co-op, but, sadly, we missed it because Lily developed a stomach virus of some sort. So we've been in the house all day, doing school and laundry (and maybe an attempted nap thrown in there too) and the house has suffered for it. We should be used to being cooped up, after all we just came out of the longest winter ever, but we've been having such nice sunny warm days the last week or so that the kids have gotten quite comfortable with spending their days outdoors as much as possible. 

Yesterday was GORGEOUS. We spent almost the entire day outside working in the gardens. I put Ian and Lily to work aerating and breaking up the soil, picking out rocks (a gazillion rocks that magically appeared atop all of the topsoil over the winter months.) I have seven raised beds, and I managed to get all seven of them cleaned up, fertilized with organic food and composted. I ripped out a couple of herb plants that weren't fairing very well to free up some much coveted real estate. And then I planted three rows of various lettuces, a row of arugula, and two rows of radishes in one of the beds. I'll soon be adding carrots, green onions, and some herbs as well. Then in a couple more weeks, more veggies, herbs, and flowers will go in once the weather permits.

One thing I really appreciate when it comes to gardening is my garden journal. It's nothing fancy. Just an affordable, spiral-ring, art journal that I purchased last spring. I have been so thankful for it this spring as I am trying to decide which seeds to purchase, where to plant them, what was successful in our ground, what was not. I am elated I decided to take the time to record these things last spring and summer, and I am happily recording them all over again this year because I know what a blessing it is to have a record of everything. I'm telling you, if you garden, start a garden journal. You don't need anything fancy-schmancy, just a unruled notebook and a pencil. This is my post on garden dreaming and scheming from last spring.

The start of this year's plans...

And I am SO elated to be able to say that I've been feeling so much better since yesterday. I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty sick. I even went back to bed for another 45 minutes after my initial wake-up and swallowing down three ibuprofen. But once I was up and out in the warm weather, digging in the dirt, my headache calmed down and I started to feel normal again. I don't know if it's because my new allergy meds are finally kicking in or because of the acupuncture on Wednesday, or maybe because of both, but I am SO happy.

 (My adorable nephews watching Pap dig out some old shrubs.)

And, of course, I have fit in some time for my yarn and hooks. Crocheting and now knitting sit right up there with gardening when it comes to the relaxation factor for me. I'm working on something for a friend and then I also recently finished the red cowl and just added it to my Etsy shop.

Have a great weekend!


A Primitive Homestead said...

The red cowl is beautiful. It wonderful to hear your so happy. Your words are bursting with excitment. Over the years I've made my garden lay outs on paper. I have taken photos in stages so as to remember where I have spaced spring and summer fall bulbs planted so I can add bulbs of other flowers as I can afford them each year. I have this thing for keeping a pattern. I hope your head ace dose not return & Lilly is all better. Blessing! Lara

Sandra said...

Beautiful crochet cowl, gorgeous color :)

Love your spring photos, I don't know if I've told you this before but you live in such a stunning place.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

gosh, the cowl is wonderful! love the stitch pattern and I adore cowls; make and wear them a lot. made and gave my vets one and they loved them. they don't lose them when their in a field with their arms stuck up the rear end of a cow.
oops. TMI, maybe.

God's Grace Overflows said...

Beautiful photos! My house seems to look a bit like yours when my boys are cooped up in the house for too long too and it seems like they have been inside for what seems like forever! We have been having a lot of wind and lots of blow dirt (since we are in a drought down here on the prairies of Colorado) It has been a long winter here also and we are chomping at the bit to get our greenhouse and garden planted. So many things to do and so little time. I love your garden journal, what a neat idea. My hubby is the brains in all that stuff and he creates several lists of things to do and things to create.
I hope you have a great week and thanks so much for sharing!

Leslie Kimel said...

The red cowl is so pretty. You have such beautiful things in your shop!

Pam said...

I love the cozy-ness of your house. It is very comforting. I know what you mean about being cooped up. We have had the funniest weather this spring, and just when I think its time to get out in the garden, it snows again. I think you may be a little ahead of us in your spring weather, because we don't have any blossoms on the trees yet. Perhaps it is an elevation difference. You probably got more snow, but we may be up a little higher. Your garden beds are beautiful and inspiring and so is your garden journal. I write things down, but I haven't put it in a separate journal of its own. I have a little gardening book with journal notes I got at the dollar store of all places last year, and did use that, but I think I am going to go get an art journal and do as you have done. Your cowl is beautiful by the way, as are all your lovely pictures. Have a great week.