Thursday, April 18, 2013

dinner on the deck

We've been enjoying our evening meals out on our back deck these past few days as the weather has been quite pleasant. We so appreciate and enjoy eating al fresco! Last night's menu was turkey tacos, black beans, and I had picked up some asparagus at the market so I grilled that up too. Doesn't really go along with the whole Mexican theme, but I couldn't resist the asparagus. They're my favorite.

My family was slightly annoyed with my camera antics at dinner last night. I believe that my dear husband even said something to the likes of, "Well, give me the camera and let me take a picture of you taking a bite of food." Uh, no. And so that is why there is a picture of Brad with a piece of asparagus sticking out of his mouth. I think he may have been trying to annoy me.

Here's Sergei telling me to "put that camera away!"

My dinner. I'm now on a no grains diet, not just a gluten free diet. Did you know that corn is actually a grain, not a veggie? Yeah, well, I just found that out yesterday so instead of enjoying my taco meat on a corn tortilla shell, I enjoyed a taco salad. I'm sad about the corn thing. I LOVE popcorn. And tortilla chips with salsa. So sad. And I'm also eliminating all soy products from my diet. Uh, soy is in everything. So instead of using my regular taco seasoning (which is MSG free but had soy in it), I used this recipe to make it from scratch. It was yummy so I'll be sticking with it.

It's a heart. He was expressing his love to me for making him dinner. And tacos, to boot, his favorite!

Lily thinks everything tastes better when eaten with black olives.

I think that Lily is the only family member that truly doesn't mind me taking her picture. She actually quite enjoys it and is always ready to flash a silly face.

Where are your manners, Molly?

My acupuncture session went fairly decent yesterday. It did seem to really flare-up my facial pain which means I could hardly keep my eyes open during Bible study last night and then crawled between the sheets by 9pm and didn't get up until almost 7 this morning. Oh, I will be so glad when I get relief from this. The acupuncturist is the one who suggested I cut out the soy and corn products in addition to what I already limit in my diet. Boy, no one is going to want to have me over for dinner or lunch anymore. Don't worry, I'll bring my own food! :)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Find a beekeeper w/in 5 miles of you, buy honey and start eating a tablespoon every day. You body will build up immunity to the pollens around you. Sorry to hear about all the food you now cannot eat but happy you're on your way to whole health.

Rachel E. said...

I have a few kids who believe black olives are good with any meal. They are addicted and could probably eat the whole can together.

Heather said...

Oooh, we did turkey tacos last week, but not with the black beans and cilantro. We're going to have to have a redo now!

Pam said...

I love the pictures. We, too, have a family full of reluctant picture subjects... they rarely cooperate either lol. Yea for Lily and her good nature to let you take your pictures.... I guess that is the trouble when you get a nice camera and a blog... you can't help taking those pictures... all the time. I love my camera and always have it on hand. I have noticed the reluctant ones are happy about it later, because so many happy memories are enjoyed again.

Your porch looks delightful. How wonderful to be outside... we haven't gotten that far into good enough weather yet.

So sorry about your sinus's. Hopefully you will get some relief with your latest attempts. Your salad looked really yummy. Oh the crochet project you asked about is going to be a little shoulder bag.