Monday, June 11, 2012

House guests, VBS, and little surprises!

Our good friends have been with us since last Thursday. It's been great seeing the two Sergei's spending time together (just like the good old times in Ukraine). And I was reminded again of how awesome God is, bringing both of these best friends the whole way from Ukraine to Pennsylvania. As we pulled out from the orphanage two years ago, our Sergei thought he would never see his best friend (and, in his heart, brother) again. God never ceases to amaze me!



Our Vacation Bible School starts tonight. I co-direct with my friend Cher so I've been really busy getting ready for that. But, boy, am I excited! I love getting up there with the kids and getting them excited about God. We spent this past Saturday transforming the church.


And now for the surprise... Brad was out in the back showing Darren what we've done so far this year with our gardens and animals and such. They were checking out Rody and Ruby (our Holland lops) when Darren said something about a third bunny. Brad was like, "No, she delivered prematurely at the end of May." And Darren was like, "Well I'm looking at a baby bunny."

And sure enough, there was a little baby bunny surprise nestled down in the nesting box.

At the end of last month, I went out one morning to check on the rabbit's water and found that Ruby had delivered a bunny but it had died. I looked in her nesting box in the back to see if she had delivered any others but didn't see any. So, after three consecutive unsuccessful births/deliveries I threw my hands up and decided I was done with breeding her. We had adopted her from a pet store after she had been returned from the previous owners and I had read that pet store rabbits aren't always the healthiest because they are mass-produced.

So you can imagine our surprise when we found this little bundle of cuteness. And how big he/she is already. This really made my day! 

As you can see by its size, this bunny has been alive for a little while!


Well, I need to get on with my day. We're sending off our friends this afternoon and then I'm going to be doing back-to-back marathons of our VBS songs, trying to learn the movements for the songs. Procrastination at its finest.

Have a blessed day!


Holly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends. You are so right about how God blesses us! I'm constantly amazed!

Wendi said...

God is amazing! It is wonderful that the boys are able to see each other.

Laura said...

That is really wonderful and amazing! And, your VBS looks like a lot of fun...My kids and I are coming up july9-16...are you going to be around? my mom was thinking about inviting you and your kiddos and mom for lunch or something??