Friday, June 15, 2012

Yumminess From the Garden - Toasted Kale

My kale is growing prolifically in my garden. And I couldn't be more excited about that since I love including kale in our diet for both its taste and its health benefits.

Besides including the kale in soup, our most favorite way to eat it is as a side dish. I even throw some in my salads when its still younger and tender. But the bigger it gets, the more tough it becomes. Although I will say that homegrown kale is much more tender than the stuff you buy in the stores, even when it is fully grown.

To make toasted kale, you pick your leaves, wash them, and then dry them using a salad spinner or paper towels.

Layer the kale on a baking sheet. (I use my stoneware jelly roll pan.)

Drizzle some olive oil on top of the kale.

Sprinkle on some kosher salt. (I like the kosher because the salt particles are bigger than table salt but not quite as big as sea salt, but I'm sure that a little bit of table salt would be fine if you didn't have the kosher.)

Bake the kale in an oven that has been preheated to 425 degrees.

Now here's the sticky part, I have no idea how long I bake this because I hardly ever time anything. I just go by sight. And I know it's done when it looks and feels crispy (but not too brown or burnt.) I would guess maybe 10 minutes or so (maybe a little under), but don't hold me to that please! So just keep an eye on it!

I serve it aside just about anything. I could eat a whole plate of just this for dinner, its so yummy!

And for a smile... Look at my view out our front window. My crazy chickens have found the bird feeder and have been quite content making themselves a dinner out of the wild birds' food. (The other four chickies are on the front porch eating the seed that Lemony and Sleepy kick out of the feeder.) This is quite a sight!

I've been very busy here with company last week and Vacation Bible School this week so I hope to be back to more regular posting next week!

Many blessings!

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looks good and the dehydrator works well too.