Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Biblical Hospitality - A Command

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2

As Christians, we are commanded to practice hospitality to others. Hospitality is not just for those of us who are spiritually gifted with the practice of hospitality. It is a Biblical practice that is to be practiced by all believers.

So what exactly is hospitality? Biblical hospitality? What does it look like? How do we practice it?

That is what I would like to discuss here on Making A Home over the course of the next several weeks.

Biblical hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts (although practicing hospitality comes easier for me than for those whose spiritual gift does not lay in this area, I still have a lot to learn and I really have to depend on God to practice the Biblical version of hospitality.)

When I say that my spiritual gift is hospitality, I simply mean that I have a deep desire to show hospitality to those around me and this desire comes very naturally to me. All believers in Christ have at least one (probably more, though) spiritual gifts, gifts that God specifically endowed upon them. What I'm not saying is that I practice perfect hospitality or that I have acquired this ability on my own. It's a spirit-endowed ability; the glory is owed to the Lord.

My perspective of hospitality has changed over the last eleven years since Brad and I first married. It's shifted from a more me-centered practice to a more God-centered practice. But this hasn't always been easy because it's very easy for me to fall back into the trap of entertaining to impress rather than to bless.

So, God has been laying it on my heart to delve into the subject of Biblical hospitality here at Making A Home, and Lord-willing, that's what my intention is over the next month or so.

When we entertain others, it's not about us. It's about those we invite into our homes or those we go out and seek to bless. After all, hospitality is portable. It's not something that only takes place in our homes; it takes place in our hearts. It's a state of mind.

I pray that this coming series will be an encouragement to you. I pray that God will bless us as we seek to follow His example as we bless others through the practice of hospitality. I pray that this series will be a learning experience for all of us.

Let us commit this study to the Lord:

Father, I thank you for the privilege You have given Your children to bless others through hospitality. I thank You that You use hospitality to provide for the needs of Your children and You also use it to show Your love to others. I pray that Your hand would be upon this series on Biblical hospitality. Lord, give me the words that You know we all need to read. Prepare our hearts to accept your model of hospitality. Help us to throw off the pride that often weaves itself into our entertaining (I know that is a personal struggle of mine.) Bring us to the place of seeing hospitality as a way to point others to You. In Your Son's glorious name, Amen.


Mandy said...

Very timely post for me, Amber! A friend and I were discussing this very thing yesterday.

Looking forward to your future posts on this subject!

Monica said...

Great subject matter! some times I fall into the funk of not wanting to be around anyone, even though in my spirit I know I should practice hospitality. praying that your words speak to me and that I take them in. Thanks Amber!

A Primitive Homestead said...

In feeling a burden for my childrens souls & there friends souls I am trying hospitality by opening my home to them all. In all this I am able to know where my children are & who they are with. At times it is not easy. After a very hurtful comment from an un-kind person I was so ready to just say forget it. I wondered if being the salt of the world was even worth it & why should I care for there children if they can be so mean. My hurt heart is mending. But fragile. We have had a guest twice since. Blessings!

Erica said...

So glad that we got to share in your hospitality! You are a precious gift from God to so many! Love you!

Bose said...

Its amazing to see someone put so much passion into a subject. Great hospitality!@boseHospitality CV Templates