Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leading By Example

I've been reminded lately of how important my behavior is in the eyes of my children. In other words, they learn by my behavior. They model their behavior after mine.

This is just a cute example of this... Every morning, I get up, make Brad his oatmeal, pack his lunch, and make coffee for both of us. By the time he leaves for work at 7am, the kids are usually up. Over the past month or so, Lily has taken over my role in taking Brad his mug of coffee to the entryway as he's leaving for work. One day, she just came up to me, tugged on my shirt and asked for Daddy's coffee. And since that day, it's officially been her job.

Of course, we teach our children other more important lessons each day via our behavior and actions. For instance, we found out yesterday that INS approval for our adoption is taking MUCH longer than we were originally told. After finding this out, my whole day was spent agonizing over this and wondering if we should host Sergei again this summer since it might be a while before we can go get him. Then I started wondering about how we would come up with the hosting money in the midst of trying to fund the adoption.

Well, last night after dinner, Ian and Brad were outside together, and Ian preceded to tell Brad how stressed out I was all day. He then goes on to say, "God will bring Sergei here when it's time for Sergei to come here." Bam! There's the truth! And I'm certain that he's heard it from Brad and I. I've been pretty cool and collected for most of this process, able to focus on and vocalize God's divine direction on our adoption. And, thank goodness Ian got it, because I needed reminded of it yesterday for sure.

Little instances like these remind me of how powerful my actions and words are and how much they impact my children. I really need to be aware of how I'm acting in front of my children and check myself often to make sure my behavior is honoring to God. If it's not a behavior or action that I would want my children doing, then I shouldn't be doing it either.


Tolentreasures said...

Such a simple faith that our husbands have. When I am stressing, John always tells me that I am not the One in control anyway so just relax. Something I really need to work on. Then I find myself singing, In His Time, Great post.


Wendi said...

Great post! I need to work on this. Megan is picking up the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I do this little "hmm!" when I am frustrated and we have noticed her doing it too. I am trying to stop doing the hmm! but it is hard as that is my stress relief sound.

Mandy said...

What a great reminder for us all. Those little eyes and ears soak it all in!

The paint on our front door is the Valspar brand from Lowes. The color is La Fonda Antique Red in exterior satin finish.

Keeping your family in my prayers!