Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where do I start?

Yikes! It's been awhile. I hope this post makes you happy, April You've been riding me to post something new, so here it is!

I just wanted to show you all a breadbox transformation I did today. I originally got this breadbox as a C-mas gift from my mom approx. 7 years ago. At that point in time, I was really into gingerbread. She spent way too much money on this breadbox at a local Amish wood-working store. Last year, I painted it black when I was going through my "I want to spray paint everything black" stage.

Here is the "before" picture. Before it was painted black. If you look behind and to the right of Lily and me you will see the breadbox in its original state.
Now it looks like this...

I had to put something on the front to cover up the lines from the gingerbread men. The painter had really outlined the gingerbread men thick, and I was too lazy to use an electric sander to sand it all down smooth. But this works for me. Much quicker and less messy.

I spray painted the frame black and then hot glued it to the breadbox. Oh, and I got the nest and egg print from here.

Here's another recent transformation. This hutch was a dark green. You know, I could kick myself for going with so much green when we built our house. Particularly permanent pieces (aka the countertop - what was I thinking?????) But, hey, let's keep perspective. I'm blessed to have a countertop and the convenience of a kitchen. Right?

Back to this hutch. It's black now. And I'm hoping to change out the knobs as well. When the budget permits. I'm waiting for a good deal 'cause I'm very frugal that way. I'm hoping I come across something nice at a thrift or antique store. That would be awesome.

We've been busy here. We've already had our summer beach vacation. We went in the beginning of May, and, although it was chillier than what we're used to, we still had a great time.

Oh, and we got one of these...

His name is Max. Pretty cute, huh? He's currently a house bunny, but that's going to change. We're just waiting for his pen to be completed. I've tried really hard for the last two weeks to be a "pet in the house" person, but it's just not me.

Anyway, I'm hoping to stay on top of posting a little better now that school is done. We'll see how it goes. :)

My mom, sisters and I are heading to the Beth Moore Conference in Pittsburgh this weekend. I'm really excited. I love hearing Beth teach, and it will be so much fun to have a girl's weekend! Yay!



Melissa Stover said...

that turned out so cute. what beautiful vacation photos!

Amanda said...

Awh, so glad to hear an update on you and your family! I hope you will blog a bit more. I always enjoy your posts.

I heart the breadbox. It looks totally different and very creative!

The hutch is lovely. The black and wood together look very classy!

Hope to "see" more of you!!!

Sarah said...

Hey there!
I had been wondering what happenned to you...good to hear from you again. :)

I love the way your hutch turned out...I am really into black furniture right now...I just love the look of it. The white plates inside are just perfect too.

:) Sarah

Holly said...

Hey! Welcome back!

Oh - take me this weekend! I love Beth Moore!

I'm emailing you in a bit - last MOPs meeting details - but you will be in Pittsburgh!

Have fun - you will be missed again!

Tolentreasures said...

Glad to see you back! Looks like you had a wonderful beach trip, love the breadbox and the hutch, have fun this weekend!


Heathahlee said...

Amber, I'm just now popping over from your comment you left at Sarah Mae's about my tassels! I'm so glad you like them. As I sell more, I'll add more to the shop. I have PLENTY. We just didn't want to get too overwhelmed with photographing them, editing the logo on them, listing them, etc, etc. BTW, I shipped your Birdie yesterday, so look for it tomorrow!

You did a great job on that bread box. What a great idea of putting that framed picture over the words. I've got a bookshelf that is too country cute with bear cutouts on it that I have to figure out how to cover up. You've got me thinkin'... : )