Monday, June 26, 2017


Wow! I haven't posted since December!

I'm quite active on Instagram, and I have found that it has replaced my need to blog. I have discovered that the reason I loved blogging in the first place was because it enabled me to record and share moments in our life. Instagram has allowed the same and with less thought and intention because it's photo-sharing with a small snippet of a thought. I am all for being intentional in life, but sometimes keeping my blog updated has felt like a chore requiring more thought than I feel able to expend.

But I've missed blogging. Do people still read blogs? I feel like there has been such a big shift to Instagram. It's funny how quickly certain social media platforms can replace others.

So perhaps I'll get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I definitely have more time during the summer since we take a break from our homeschooling.

So far this break, I have been doing a ton of reading. I set a goal for myself to read twenty-five books this year. I've read twelve so far which means I'm pretty much right on pace. It's been wonderful to get lost in books again. I'm reading mostly fiction right now, with a couple of non-fiction also on the bedside table, picked up from time to time.

I've also been very busy with gardening and outdoor work. I love the summer. I can hardly stand to be in the house this time of year which also means that I do not do much knitting. I'm too much in love with the weather to sit and knit. However, I did start crocheting a cotton market bag yesterday which I will actually use at the farmer's market this summer. Most of my yarn-time the last few years have been spent knitting, so this little project has been a nice, quick break. It's amazing how much faster crocheting is than knitting.

This is also our summer to travel. We were in Gatlinburg, TN, and made a quick stop in Asheville, NC, to visit a friend last month and have vacations to Charleston, SC (to visit our best friends) and Bar Harbor, ME, planned as well. I LOVE traveling. I LOVE getting away. I always feel so inspired and refreshed after traveling.


Simply Quaint said...

Welcome back Amber I've missed you, I always check to see if you've posted on your blog lately.....I don't do instagram but think I might need to....I hope you keep up with your blog I love reading it and what a inspiration you are.....what beautiful pictures......can not wait to see more of your mini farm, kids, vacation and creations....would love to make a market bag, will have to look for a you tube video I learn better watching...😀

Thank you for sharing


Billie Jo said...

Welcome back!!!
I hope you are enjoying your summer.
Reading is a favorite summer hobby for me as well...
And as you said, I have so much more time in the summer.
That and sitting on the porch with my morning coffee!
Your photos are beautiful...
Have a cozy evening.
Rain showers here, so a night inside for us!

Simply At Home said...
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Emily Boyd said...

I love keeping up with you on Instagram, but I was also excited to see a new blog post! All of those summer travels sound amazing!

karen said...

I like coming home from traveling :) Instagram is very 'busy' for me and the blog is 'quiet' for me. I like both for different reasons.

Carol said...

Glad to see you back to blogging. I prefer it over Instagram. Maybe I am a little old fashioned but something about having a story instead of just a photo is so nice.

Simply At Home said...

I have missed you on here, so good to see this post.