Friday, April 8, 2016

happy things

Did anyone else wake up to snow this morning?

I keep reminding myself that it's only the beginning of April, that snow in Pennsylvania this time of the year is nothing out of the ordinary.  We were just totally teased with those 70 degree, sunny days. That weather was out of the ordinary.

In the midst of my busyness, I am managing to find moments of sanity by playing with fiber and yarn. It's amazing how keeping my hands busy with fiber literally slows my heart rate and my mind. I know that not everyone would understand that, but I know that there are some who do. Yarn, fiber, wool ~ it's my happy place.

I recently ordered one skein of yarn from Buckaloo View. This particular skein was dyed with cosmos. It's a very beautiful, subtle shade of yellow/orange. I'm not convinced that this color will look good with my skin tone, but it was so, so beautiful so I will figure that out later. I'm not typically drawn to yellows or oranges, but I am drawn to natural, raw, and light, so this skein was very appealing to me.

I myself have been spinning away. I'm so happy with how my spinning has turned out. I feel so comfortable doing it now. It's no longer stressful to sit at my wheel. I no longer feel as thought I'm fighting the wheel in holding my fiber back. Rather, it just kind of glides through my fingers as I draft the fiber like it's second nature. I'm getting a nice little stack of handspun, and I'm throwing around the idea of possibly selling some of it.

My sweater. Oh this sweater. It's such an easy knit, but it's taking so long to do. Not because it's time-consuming (although it is quite a bit of stockinette stitching), but I just can't find big blocks of time to commit to it. Part of that has to do with my general schedule, but it also has to do with the fact that I'm also spinning in my spare time. I feel like I'm getting closer to the end, which really excites me. And it seems as though just maybe I'll even get to wear it before the warm weather rolls in permanently.

We've been working on decluttering and doing some very light spring cleaning. Although I don't really like the process of cleaning (translated: I rather be doing something creative), I do enjoy the lightness of a clean home. And I do LOVE to declutter. It actually thrills me. I love the feeling I get when I take boxes of things to the thrift store. I feel so much mentally lighter.

This weekend is our church's annual missions conference.  I love the missions conference. It's one of my favorite church events. We're hosting missionaries tomorrow night for dinner. These missionaries served in Holland, and we hosted them several years ago when they were back for a conference. Last year, we had missionaries from Brazil stay at our home for the weekend. My kids love listening to the stories that the missionaries always have to tell. Brad and I do too. It's just a wonderful experience and privilege to be able to open our home up to them. And it's a wonderful learning opportunity for our entire family.

Have a great weekend, ladies! Thank you for stopping by to read! I so enjoy stopping by your blogs too!


Billie Jo said...

Snow here too!
That is Pennsylvania for you. : )
Enjoy your visitors.
And your happy times.

Emily Boyd said...

Your handspun is gorgeous! I so want to learn how to spin. I'm looking into some local classes to take this summer; hopefully something will work out!
I can totally relate to how working with fiber keeps your hands busy but relaxes the rest of you. When I'm stressed, I knit. When I'm happy, I knit. It just flows out of me. It's always nice to "meet" people who understand!

Emily (@goldberryartisans on Instagram - I found your blog when you commented on my photo)

Unknown said...

I'm always inspired when I read your blog Amber! Thanks for sharing your life and you!


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

EEKK! No snow here in the south. I am sure I would want some in the blazing July though. :) One of the things we miss so much about pastoring is hosting so many missionaries. We made so many lifelong friends. We don't get the opportunities as we used to. :(

I know what you mean about decluttering....that is my "happy" place. Not the cleaning. That I don't care for, I do it but it is the decluttering, and organizing I like the best.

Have a super weekend.

Rachel E. said...

Be still my heart. The sight of your daughter embroidering makes me smile. It is a lost art.

What are the kids doing at the table with your husband?

Simply At Home said...

Love the photo's....I saw a spinning thing (sorry don't know the proper name) any who I saw one like yours, while we were in Tenn last weekend. I thought of you while touching it...Isn't amazing after we work at something and learn becomes enjoyable. Eww Mission conference, I love any thing Missionary. Enjoy it! I love the photo your daughter is drawing...Have a great weekend.

Zena said...

Your spinning is incredible! So many beautiful photos shared here. The one of your daughter hand embroidering is so sweet. What a kind thing to do and both beneficial for the missionaries and your family.

Zena said...


Mereknits said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I can't understand how you find the time to do all that you do. Your spinning is beautiful as is your sweater. Hugs,

karen said...

We had snow but it didn't stick.. We must be twins, I love to declutter too!! I'm tackling the linen closets currently. I have too many towels and sheet sets apparently. Lovely yarn and sweater. Tell your daughter her stitching is beautiful :)