Friday, March 11, 2016

the makings of a rainy day

Yesterday was a very rainy, drizzly, gray day. The kind of day when the dark clouds lay low and heavy and one has to literally peel herself up out of her warm, cozy bed in the morning. Oh yes, it was a gray day, and that is exactly how I had to get up out of bed.

I was so very tired that I had to fight to stay awake to get the kids' school lessons in and completed. I just kept telling myself, "Get it done and then you can take a nap after lunch." And that is what I did, indeed. I got lunch finished and then tucked myself in under a handmade afghan with my little dog Molly and we took an hour long snooze. It was divine. 

The rest of the day then was quite productive. There was laundry that needed done and dinner needed made (Lazy Man Cabbage rolls, what an appropriate dinner for the way I felt yesterday.) Lily spent some time working on the dress she is making for herself. Ian spent a lot of time reading, of course (one of his favorite pastimes), and I spent three whole hours later in the evening spinning. Three hours!

How did I ever manage that? 

As we all were feeling a bit tired and had no plans to go anywhere, we decided to have a family movie night. We found a movie called The Water Horse on Netflix, and so I spun and wound up yarn during the whole movie, and then I was on such a roll that I continued to spin until bedtime. 

I also did a bit of knitting yesterday. Well, everyday has a bit of knitting in it for me. I don't think I can go a day without knitting, actually. 

Yesterday, I finished up a three crosses dishcloth (my third one now), and I did some work on my Harvest cardigan. I have found this cardigan pattern to be very easy to understand which I really appreciate as this is my first time knitting a sweater. And while I've been doing my knitting, I've also been enjoying some very lovely Manderine podcasts. 

My little pottery mugs of herbs are growing just fine. The basil was the first to come up, and it seems as though I will definitely have to thin it out. The parsley just started to poke its little green heads up from under the dirt yesterday. And then our oak trees! Oh my! They are doing so good! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day. I need to do a little grocery shopping this morning, and then we are visiting some friends this afternoon. It's still a bit gray today, so a visit with a friend will be a lovely way to cheer up the day!


Kathy said...

What is the significance of a three crosses dish cloth?

karen said...

I'm leaving to go to the grocery store as well, I just love the snippets of your day and how you capture them with your camera :) You have a lovely home.

Amber said...

Hi Kathy! I should have posted a photo of the three crosses dishcloth. It has three crosses knitted into it, symbolizing the cross that Christ was crucified on and the two criminals that were also crucified. I am whipping them up to give as Easter gifts to some close friends. :)

Wendi said...

After two days of rain and gray the sun is peeking out today. I have heard that rain is returning Saturday night or Sunday. I'll enjoy the sun while I can. I spent the morning doing grocery shopping. Now I am going to a little painting before I head to church to give a friend a ride home. Lazy rainy days are nice now and then. :)

Simply At Home said...

Hi Amber...lost in your photo's they are beautiful. We had a rainy day all day poured! We went to town and got soaked. Today it is cloudy and cool. Waiting for the warm sun to return as well. Have a happy weekend.

Billie Jo said...

Loved scrolling through your photos of your rainy day.
So comforting.
I curled up on the couch today with my pups.
Felt so good!
My teenage girls have taken to making supper most nights.
So those later afternoons have become a quiet time for me. : )
Have a wonderful weekend. : )

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

It is just a rainy as all can be here since Wednesday. But I guess that is part of Spring. :) I love all the creating going on in your home. Love it.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Lovely cozy post. I do wish we had rain in these parts! I always enjoy visiting your home!
Hugs, Roxy

Zena said...

I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through your post with peaceful snippets of your day. Especially as I am sick in bed with some women health problems at the moment. Oh the Harvest cardigan will be lovely. So good you a night filled with rhythmical spinning.

Anonymous said...

Loving that purple yarn!

harknessangels said...

Such lovely pictures of your days! So serene and cozy!