Wednesday, December 31, 2014

slowly settling...

These are the days when we're trying to find some sense of routine again. It's the in-between time. The holidays are not quite over yet, we're not quite ready to jump back into our school studies, but I'm starting to feel that obligatory itch to get back to normal.

Oh, but I'd quite like another week or two of break. I'm quite enjoying the lack of routine, the break, the pause in a more rigid schedule. I'm sure the kids would agree. However, I have found in our seven years of homeschooling, that a routine of some sort is quite essential to a successful learning environment. Now, how that routine looks and plays out has changed quite a bit since those early days of learning. I've definitely relaxed in my style, looking at life itself as one big learning experience, desiring to slash the boundaries between learning and living.

Tonight, on New Year's Eve, we will go to my parents' for our annual New Year's Eve celebration. I will try to remain awake. Ah, the older I get the more difficult this becomes for me. Was it not for this little get-together, I believe Brad and I would be in bed long before midnight. I see a nap in the forecast for my afternoon, something that I fear is necessary especially as I'm still quite down with this nasty cold virus.

But we will enjoy these last days of festivities and rest and relaxation, and somehow muster up the strength to get back to "real life" with gusto next Monday. Oh, I'm not quite ready for that. So I think I'll just enjoy these last few carefree moments.

Bayberry candles (a New Year's tradition) from Mulberry Antiques 
Getting ready to cast on this pattern. Yarn from Yarns by Design.
Enjoying a quick, easy bulky yarn knit pattern.

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Heather said...

I've been feeling really discouraged about homeschooling lately. Mostly because our family has not been very supportive, and it makes me feel like no one believes I can do it.

It's always helpful to read posts from more experienced moms. Clearly, you're doing a fantastic job with your kids. Keep it up!