Monday, October 6, 2014

Crafting weekend :: Felted Acorns

The boys were away for a long weekend of camping. Since we were without a car, Lily and I stayed home and lounged around the house. I definitely don't mind hanging out at home after all of the recent busyness, but it felt strange to be at home with no where to go but church on Sunday.

We spent a good portion of the weekend crafting. Friday morning we went on an acorn treasure hunt. We have many oak trees on the family property, but they are mixed in with even more maples and poplars. Our tree swing is attached to a big old oak, but I had just mowed the grass on Thursday and so most of the acorn top were mulched.

It was a beautiful, sunny fall morning and the walk through the woods was quite enjoyable. There was the crisp scent of fall in the air from the chill and the wet leaves that had already fallen. We took Midi with us who quite enjoyed romping through the woods.

The actual felting process was quite easy. We used the wet-felting technique for all but a few of the acorn bodies. Lily did a couple of the acorns using needle-felting. I did not anticipate the amount of wool that we would need for each acorn body and was quickly regretting my earlier quest to find the biggest acorn tops that could be found. We had to do some digging around in the acorn bowl to find the smallest tops!

We left everything out on the coffee table and worked on the acorns throughout the day. Perhaps it's just me (because I love working with fibers so much) but the whole process was quite rhythmic and very relaxing. And the end result was quite gorgeous!

Perhaps you'd like to try making your own felted acorns? They're not as difficult as you may think. 
A good link explaining the wet-felting process
A nice variety of different colors of wool roving
And if you don't have access to oak trees to gather your own acorn tops, you can find sellers online that you can buy them from.

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Lulu said...

lovely..what a great way to spend the time together..
love the doggie so much..