Monday, September 22, 2014

In which I remember why I like slow days...

  My sisters and I
  Plus my mom.
 Really? I know we're not the only family that struggles to get a good family photo, but isn't it normally the kids that are the problem?!

I'm stuck in a rut of a loss of words. Honestly, it's not a loss of words, but rather a lack of time to sit and think and string the words together in a coherent fashion.

We've had many activities, many field trips, many soccer games/practices. Last week we hit the ground running at full speed after our return from the beach. The weekend, particularly Saturday, was equally busy, with a soccer game in the morning, mowing in the afternoon, and a friend's wedding later in the day.

On the way to the reception, my kids expressed their burn-out to me. "Mom, we're tired of not being at home. Can't we just have one day when we don't have to go anywhere?"

Yep. I get that. I'm a homebody by nature. I like to get out once a week or so, but I hate to see the calendar squares completely filled up. And when I have a week like last week (where we had somewhere to be every single day, and sometimes even multiple activities in a day,) it was a good reminder of why I usually try really hard not to over-schedule our days.

However, that very busy week has come to a close, and we're heading into a new week in which we have nothing on the calendar other than our homeschool co-op this Friday.

Much more my speed. And apparently, my kiddos' too.


Unknown said...

Oh Amber I always enjoy your posts and pictures. I am exactly the same why. There is just nothing like being at home and taking it all in. I sometimes wonder if I should get my kids involved in more things but when I think of the "things" times 4 it becomes a bit overwhelming and my kids seem happy not doing much.


Rachel E. said...

You look great. The family photo is beautiful...regardless of the inopportune visit by Mr. Bunny.