Wednesday, April 24, 2013

flying kites and baby calves

Yesterday after lunch, I wound up some yarn and then headed out back with the kids and two of my nieces to enjoy the sun and fresh air. While the kids were playing, they decided it was a good day to fly kites. We didn't have any kites, ours having been destroyed last summer, so they headed into the house to come up with something.

Lily and my niece came up with something more of a windsock, using garbage bags and many rolls of ribbon. Ian's design was much more advanced and actually resembled a real kite. This, of course, inspired Lily to head back indoors to whip up something as close as possible to what her brother had made.

The kids tried out their kites, and then made some adjustments as necessary. It was a great impromptu backyard science lesson, and I love that it was completely guided by the kids. I honestly think that those moments when they take initiative and jump into learning something, those are the best teaching moments. Those are the most successful teaching moments. Those are the moments when they are really learning. That's one of the reasons I love homeschooling. We have more time for those types of learning opportunities.

Today we're planning on getting our lessons done this morning as we have planned a visit to "The Farm" (as my kids call it.) We're going to visit my dear friend Carmen (also a homeschooler) and her kids. They just live right down the road, and we try to get together on a somewhat routine basis. She's also my crocheting friend which is absolutely lovely. We attempt after-the-kids-are-in-bed visits once a month when we visit and sip tea while crocheting and chatting for a couple of hours. It's quite lovely.

Oh, and I took the following pics a couple of weeks ago while we were visiting The Farm. They had four calves born earlier in the spring; one of them was rejected by its mother so they had to bottle feed it. They named her Lottie. We were able to visit Lottie shortly after she was born and even got to bottle feed her and play with her. Lottie became a pet for the kids, and she even lets them lead her on a leash.

I pray that you all have a most blessed day today, fully aware of God's rich blessings that He lavishes upon us!


Unknown said...


Always love your posts. Your son is really changing and growing up. Love the kites they made. You know, we live on a farm, and there is nothing like raising a kid on a farm or being near enough to one that your children can experience that. The picture of one of the kids with his finger in the little calf's mouth is priceless.


Staci said...

The photos are just beautiful. Looks like the kids had a wonderful time. so nice to have a friend to chat with who is so close. :)

Jille said...

Have just discovered your blog. Your photos are lovely, it looks like the children have lots of fun