Thursday, January 3, 2013

gifts and gratitude

It feels good to be back in a rhythm. Breaks are good and refreshing and necessary. But a rhythm gives our days purpose and direction. And so it is just as good to be back {mostly} on schedule as it was to be off.


 I confess that our school studies felt very burdensome before our Christmas break. Honestly, looking back now I realize that I had stretched myself a bit too thin and had gotten into a frustrated rut with our homeschooling lessons.


 And so I purposed to approach the next month or few with more excitement and vigor. I decided to loosen up on myself a bit, give myself permission and encouragement to enjoy learning along with my children, and change things slightly to allow for more hands-on activities and crafting. And down time. And reading. And art. And music.

Sounds lovely really. Don't you think?

And so today as we are still in the midst of our learning {isn't all of life just that though?} I've been grabbing moments here and there to snap still-frames of things that make me smile and bring joy to my soul.

I guess it's the little gifts from God above that can turn a burdened soul heavenward. It's taking notice of small things {things that may only matter to you and you alone} and giving thanks for each one.

Have a most blessed day!

 Ever Grateful - 10" Taupe Vase - A most appreciated gift for Christmas from my mom.

Blessings of God - Dough Bowl

My beautiful Bird's Nest necklace from my friend Christina's shop All Dandy Art - a gift from my husband.

Two new crochet books I'm quite enjoying ~ Crochet in a Day for Baby and Baby Crochet

Books we're using during our winter-long "Little House" unit study ~ A Pioneer Sampler: The Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840; The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories; My Little House Crafts Book: 18 Projects from Laura Ingalls Wilder's; The World of Little House; My Little House Sewing Book

*Note: Some of the above are affiliate links. Thank you.*

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Laura said...

i LOVE your photography! that can be your NEXT business!!!!

looks like you had a beautifully simple day!

and, your quaint!! some day soon, i am going to come and visit!

Heather said...

What Laura said, your photos are beautiful and remind me of all the simple things to enjoy in life.