Monday, January 14, 2013

getting out and digging down

It was good to get out into some fresh, warm {60-ish!} air over the weekend. The two younger ones were still not feeling completely better, but they were good enough to get out and ride bikes and play on the trampoline for a bit.

Actually, we spent most of the two days outside, off and on. It was glorious.


I spent time playing with my chickens {they're very amusing} and digging in the dirt {glorious dirt!}
We put our new chicks that we hatched back in November in with the big chickens on Saturday, after having kept them in a large wooden cage Brad had built. He fashioned the box with a "window" made of chicken wire so that the big and little chickens could see each other before we officially introduced them to one another.

That seems to have been a success since they are pretty much minding their own business. Well, all except for Miss BossyPants, our Barred Rock, who is either making sure that the new kids in town know that it was her space before theirs or is playing mother hen. I haven't figured it out yet. All I know is that she hasn't really left the coop since the new ones moved in. She just stands there and stares at them. It's quite hilarious.

We don't even know how many of the chickens are hens and how many are roosters since we were given the eggs. So that will be a surprise once they get a bit bigger. I'm pretty certain that four out of the six are roosters as there are two pairs that fight with one another, like they're trying to exert their male dominance over the other one. Lovely. Anyone want a rooster?

And our egg supply is slightly dwindling. I'm not sure if it's from the shorter days or if the big chicks are protesting the presence of the new chicks by withholding eggs. I won't put anything past farm animals since reading Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type with the kids a few years back.

While the kids rode bikes, I walked around the family property with my camera, snapping things that struck my fancy. I have a thing for wood, I have found. And old rusty things. And the wood looked so good yesterday, saturated, full and dark from the moisture of the defrost.

Then I found that the pines had dropped their cones, and I was really quite elated. I really do love pinecones. I find them quite fascinating and beautiful. I can hardly resist grabbing an armful when I see some. So that's what I did. For the kitchen table. I enjoy bringing nature inside, especially this time of year when getting out into nature happens much more sparsely.

See! Windows open! Flu germs airing out!

My hard working man working hard. Love this guy. He's the reason all of my outdoor dreaming and scheming and projects actually come to fruition. He's quite the handyman.

While he was digging in the dirt, I was out pulling the huge kale roots and stems out of my one bed. Wow those roots were big! I also sprinkled some oats and barley on the other empty beds so the chickens would get in there and scratch away. That's what I've been doing to keep that soil nice and loose and worked.

Chickens are pretty awesome for various reasons.

And inside...

I finished up a couple of infinity scarves that I was commissioned to make for a friend of mine. I love this variegated yarn below. The color is "Cobblestone" and it is really a nice earthy, neutral color. I've already started a couple more, one that was commissioned and a couple to go in my shop. I also made Lil's puppy dog a hat, per her request. She's also requested a dress and blanket for her. I'll have to get on those soon.

And then today. Well, the kids are still recuperating. Goodness, I'm still recuperating from the major lack of sleep over the past week. And I've been reminded that sleeping on the floor {albeit on couch cushions} wreaks havoc on the back. Anyway, we took it easy today as far as school goes, while I did load upon load upon load of laundry. Gotta wash away those germs!

Then I freshened up the rooms. Sprayed some Lysol. Put on fresh bed linens and quilts. Ah. Much better.

Anyway, that's about it in a nutshell. I'm hanging in here. Trying to focus on those blessings from above. Sometimes my struggles with my anxiety and depression threaten to overwhelm me, but I'm working through those. My therapist (oh, goodness, does that sound as weird to you as it does to me??? I never thought I'd be seeing a therapist. Open mouth, insert foot. Take a ride on the humble train) has taught me some processes and strategies to handle those not-so-nice feelings that come along with anxiety and depression. And trust me. They come. And this time of year they come more often than I like, but I will say that just the few things I've learned so far have been helpful to me. And it definitely helps that I have a totally rocking husband who somehow gets it. Oh my gosh. I can't say what a blessing his understanding is to me!

Have a blessed evening!


living from glory to glory said...

Well,what a post! I laughed at Miss Bossey Pants, Was jealous over your 60 degrees, and wanted to cry over your sweet words about your hubby.
Hey the last post picture of your dog sitting at the window was so cute. I forgot to ask you how much was the doggie in the window? LOL
Blessings, Roxy

Pamela said...

What a delightful post! I enjoyed reading about your blessed life. The picture of your daughter is priceless--the laughter in her face shining with victory!