Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Garden (A Love Letter of Sorts)...

My Dearest Garden ~

You've been so generous this summer. Supplying an overwhelming amount of broccoli, green beans, zucchini and cukes. And now you're springing forth bright green stalks of delicious sweet corn and an abundance of juicy red tomatoes. I see the green and red peppers and the round heads of cabbage tucked in their little rows.


And there's always a bowl-full of your many wonderful red tomatoes sitting right there on the kitchen counter, free to any hand (big or small) who want a taste of the juicy fruit. You have filled our plates to heaping with the fruits of your soil.

And speaking of tomatoes, your crop of tomatoes will soon be turned into many jars of yummy, organic spaghetti sauce, hopefully enough to last until next year's harvest. (I'm so partial, you know. Nothing from the store compares to what your tomatoes make.)


And as your rich, organic matter continues to feed and nourish, more seeds will take root right there in your soil ~ late summer plantings of Swiss chard, lettuce, cilantro, and maybe spinach?

Then there are the stalks of popcorn (yes, real popcorn right off the corn stalks) and the various breeds of pumpkins planted in late June (keeping my fingers crossed that they're ready in time for fall.) The things that you can grow really amaze me.  

But, dear garden, I really must begin to think of your care come this winter. Oh, I know. I really do want to avoid this, but cold weather isn't good for you and the cold weather will come, just as it always does. But my little research has given me some ideas regarding crop covers (here and here), and I see oats and field peas in your future. You know, to keep you warm and covered and nourished. That way you'll be full, healthy and ready come spring time. (We must always plan ahead, you understand.)

Yes, dear garden, you have been good to us this year. Despite the heat, despite the limited rain early on, you have done good. And my heart really does pitter-patter when I look out my back door and see your abundant gift.

And, of course, all thanks and praise for this glorious abundance goes to the Creator of the soil, the earth, the green plants that burst from the ground.

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Gene Bernice said...

Garden saves many lives and makes the people healthy by providing different types of vegetable in different seasons.

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