Friday, July 20, 2012

When the "What-ifs" are Knocking at Your Mind's Door...

Could we ever begin to understand senseless violence and the tragedy that it brings?

Why? How can a good God allow such things to happen? Where is He when the random gunfire showers down or when the innocent are taken as babes?

These are the moments when the questions and doubts may form a little bit easier in the believer's mind.

But we know that there is sin in the world. Dark, filthy, evil sin. Sin that is not from Him, but exists because of a fierce enemy. The enemy of our souls.

And it sickens the heart to think of what happens when the lives of the innocent collide with the dark evils of Hell. And, honestly, it makes no sense to the finite human mind.

And then the mind begins to wonder. What-if?

Random violence has a way of making one well aware that no one is immune to the effects of the sins of others here on this earth.

What if something like this happens to me or my family?  What if a gunman decides to open fire while I'm at the grocery store? Or the mall? Or the airport? And on and on the mind wanders.

But He tells us not to fear. He tells us that He is sovereign. He is the I AM.

Sisters, He does not want us to live our lives held captive to the fear of the "what-if." He didn't design us to live oppressed by fear, imprisoned by our own imaginations of things that could possibly happen.

He wants us to live free. Not trouble-free. But free of the fear of the troubles. Because He tells us that He works all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. {Romans 8:28} Do you believe it? Really believe it?

And so on a day of such horrible tragedy we are challenged to believe. Believe that He is ALWAYS good. Knowing that sin does have temporary rule in this world, but He is the ultimate Ruler and Judge. He is sovereign over all things.

And this world really is not our home.

One day we will live forever together for eternity praising our Father. {I can't wait to meet all of you there someday, sisters!}

But while we're here we must trust Him and cling to Him for the power to live full lives. Lives that are full of joy, aware of His blessings, aware of His always-with-us presence, and full of trust that no matter what happens (good, bad, tragic) He loves us and will work all things out for our good and His glory.

Join me in prayer?

Father, we are heartbroken and sickened over the tragedy in Colorado. Lord, innocent lives taken and so many suffering now. Father, please send a multitude of your angels to that town, to all affected. Cover them with Your presence. Provide for them. Resurrect something beautiful out of these ashes. Provide healing for those who are still in hospitals being treated. Provide emotional healing to the many who witnessed this tragedy. Bring spiritual healing and revival in the midst of this, Lord.

And, Father, may the plans of the enemy be crushed. The plans he had to desecrate You and Your name through this sinful act. The plans he had to tear apart souls, families, lives. Father, what he desired for evil, take and make it into something good.

And, Lord, be with Your children as we traverse this temporary home of ours. I think of Pilgrim's Progress and Christian's life, marked with suffering and trials and temptations. I think of how our journeys are marked with suffering and trials, but how these things are good for us, refining us, purifying us, growing us, training us. I pray for the strength for us to be able to look at all of the trials in our lives as faith-builders, and to remember that You never give us more than we can handle with Your hand and guidance and we always come out stronger on the other side.

And help us not to live in captivity to fear and the what-ifs of life. Father, You desire us to live joy-filled lives. And having joy doesn't mean we don't have troubles or heartaches, but it means that we can see You and Your loving hand on our lives and we can live in contentment and gratitude towards You because of Your many blessings and the biggest blessing of all ~ Your Son and His sacrifice.

Lord, free us from fear. I pray that we would be filled with the Spirit so that we can soar on wings as eagles. {Isaiah 41:3} I pray for the strength for us to live this life that You've blessed us with to the fullest, standing on Your promises, Your truths, Your solid rock. Help us to remember that You are life, You are love, You are peace, You are truth.

In Your Son's most precious and life-giving name I pray ~ Amen