Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: The Truth About the Lordship of Christ

In The Truth About the Lordship of Christ, pastor and author John MacArthur discusses God's sovereignty, our submission as believers, assurance of salvation, and the characteristics of a believer's life.

I like John MacArthur. I've read some of his other books, and I've also listened to some of his sermons. However, while reading this book, I found myself fighting to stay focused. I felt like there was not very much coherency between the different chapters and the sub-headings within each chapter.

There were a few points that MacArthur made that I found myself scratching my head in a bit of confusion and wondering if his points were truly Biblical. And this really surprised me. However, for the most part the book was completely based upon Scriptural truths and MacArthur provided a ton of direct Scripture quotation for support which was a positive thing.

I think the thing that had me so lost was that this book is basically a bunch of snippets of information, and it is organized in such a way that makes coherence seem sorely lacking. This book lacks depth, and, perhaps, it is meant to be a shorter, overall summary as all of the books in "The Truth About..." series are short books.

I don't know. I hate to give negative reviews, but I really did not find this book amazing or anything I would absolutely recommend to anyone. Perhaps it would be helpful to a new believer who had no knowledge of God's Sovereignty, sanctification, or assurance of salvation. But I have read about all of the topics addressed in this book in much greater depth in other books.

Oh, I really wanted to like this book because I really do like John MacArthur, but this isn't one of those books that I'll be keeping on my bookshelf.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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