Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vintage Metal Chairs Redo

Two free vintage metal chairs + three cans of Valspar Indigo Streamer spray paint + two $13 chair cushions from Lowe's = a nice place to sit and chat or have my quiet time while sipping some coffee on our back deck.

Not exactly the wicker chairs I've been dreaming about, but an economical improvisation that does the job for the space. Now I just need to find a small, cheap table to put between the two chairs!

                                        Before:                                                        After:

Many blessings to you on this Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Love them! The cushions make them look very comfy. I remember sitting in metal chairs like that when I was younger. They are actually quite comfy if remember right.

Marie said...

Love your vintage chairs! I spent many a night after supper sitting out in the yard in one of these chairs (without the pad)talking with neighbors. There was no TV, air conditioning, etc. and after the dishes were washed by hand, the neighbors would gather to gather in different yards and talk until bed time. Those were the good old days!
Thanks also for your visit to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Very nice remake! I love those vintage chairs. They remind me of my grandmother's back patio. I spent many a summer night in chairs just like those.