Sunday, April 1, 2012

When You're Aching For Real Love...

As the Messiah of the world, the Lord of all creation, received the excruciating beatings that brought him to the gaping mouth of death, perfect love was played out for all of Jerusalem, as well as all the world, then and now and forever, to see.

It was at that moment of His last breath when the temple curtain was violently torn into two, the earth quaked under the blackened sky, and the centurion whispered, "Surely this was the Son of God."

Perfect love. Displayed on a blistered cross on the hill of Golgotha.

And as the blood poured down, it poured onto the souls that accepted it. The blood covered the dark, doubting hearts and cleansed each one, pure and full. New life through the death of the One who had the power to overcome death.

And the thorns that He bore for us, the thorns that ripped the flesh and brought forth the blood that saved us, these thorns remind us of His love. His gift.

For not only did He willingly die for His family, His friends, the ones who loved Him also, He also died for you and me, His enemies, the scoffers, the mocking voice. This is perfect love.

Love that gives without expectation of reciprocation. Love that gives to the undeserving. Love that gives to the unworthy.

Because we're all unworthy. We're all in need of Perfect Love. {Christ is Perfect Love.}

Father ~ Keep me mindful and focused on Your perfect, cleansing, all-I-need love this week. As I look forward to the remembrance of your death and resurrection, I pray that I would gain a deeper understanding of You, of what Your death really meant (and still means), and a closer walk with You, my Savior. Unworthy, but made worthy through your blood, I fall at Your throne, praising You.

And I sing, "Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!" for truly You are the Messiah, the Savior, the Salvation of the world.

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