Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So You're Thinking About Homeschooling?

"I could never homeschool my kids."

Yep, I actually spoke those words. I remember it clearly. I was sitting on the sofa, chatting on the phone with my friend Masumi, and I said the words that I would eventually eat.

Five years later? I am homeschooling my kids. Have been for four years.

And I love it.

I'm not sure at exactly what point after that phone conversation God started working on my heart, calling me to this busy world of being a homeschooling mama.

I just remember thinking that if it was indeed what God wanted me to do, He'd have to whisper it in Brad's ear. Brad would have to be supportive of it, of course. And, looking back, I'm not so sure that he was supportive of it in my early days of homeschooling contemplation.

But I do know that somewhere along the way, God planted the homeschooling seed in my hubby's heart too. Watered it. Fed it. Made it blossom.

So, maybe you've been thinking about it, thinking about starting the great adventure of bringing your children under your wing and instructing them at home. But maybe you're scared and intimidated? Maybe you don't think you're intelligent enough to teach your children at home? Maybe you're afraid that your children wouldn't get enough interaction with other children their age? Maybe your dear husband is looking at you as if you're crazy, adamantly shaking his head at your preposterous idea?

If you're feeling any (or all) of these things, you're not the first one. Many women before you have seriously pondered all of the possible negative aspects of homeschooling, biting their nails, losing sleep at night wondering if they have what it takes to embark on the home-learning journey.

Over the next few days (or blog posts; whichever time permits), I'd like to share a little bit more of our homeschooling journey ~ what got us here; what keep us here even on those days when I just need a little peace and quiet, for goodness sakes; how we homeschool; how we socialize our children.

Come back tomorrow to read about how we got started on this homeschooling path, despite of my adamant statement, "I could never homeschool my kids."


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A Primitive Homestead said...

I homeschooled one of my children for one year. I worked full time had no support from his father or his side of the family. I am at home fiill time now & have been considering taking my youngest out of school the end of this year. He will be in eigth year. Just like you said I have my doubts about my being intelligent enough. Just this year alone there have been two students OD at school. Four students dropped out that I know of. Blessings!