Monday, March 19, 2012

Sabbath Moments Aren't Reserved Just for Sundays...

Sabbath moments hide away in the recesses of everyday.

God tucks them down into the messy places, providing respite for the overwhelmed, weary soul.

Sabbath moments often aren't monumental, but rather subtle, small delights that require eyes and heart wide open to be seen.

"All you who labor and are heavy-burdened, come to me and I will give you rest..."

Those are the Sabbath moments. Moments to consume rather than moments that consume.

Moments to pour oneself out into the full-hearted worship of the Creator.

Moments to pause and see Him. To see Him in that pile of schoolbooks, that sink full of soapy, sudsy water, that child wrapped around your leg...

Sabbath moments are those anytime, anywhere moments that beckon the heart, mind, soul to come away for a spell and sit in the shadow of His presence, to drink from the refreshment of His fountain, to be infused with the love and grace of His goodness.

To see Him in the everyday. That is a Sabbath moment.

A Sabbath moment does not require a specific day of the week. It does not require a specific building erected for the purpose of worship unto Him. It does not require the Sunday best or the patent-leather shoes.

Sabbath moments happen in the familiar, methodical moments of life. When the dirty, tired soul gets scrubbed clean with His refreshment.

The only requirement for a Sabbath moment? Slowing down and seeing and drinking in.

The heart and soul that breathes slow through life, sees the miraculous presence and blessings of the One who gives each breath...

Scratching down my Sabbath moments... riding down dusty trails
...weekend walks and picnics
...loving on babies, kissing sweet, chubby cheeks and baby rolls
...spontaneous stops at the hoagie shop for lunch
...soil that nourishes forth new life
...belly laughs that bring tears to the eyes
...little girls learning to play chess
...moments to crochet and listen to podcasts
...time spent digging the fingertips into the ground
...daffodils picked for mommy, gracing the kitchen windowsill
...His little reminders tucked away here and there on index cards
...piles of books
...moments spent alone with my soul mate
...lifting my voice to Him in praise with a church full of others but only seeing Him

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