Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Small House Hospitality - A New Series

We have a small house by today's standards in America. Up until last fall, the livable area of our home was 1600 sq. ft. We finished 1/3 of our basement, putting in a bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom so that Sergei would have his own room just this past fall.

I used to think that the small-ish size of our home really limited me in doing things that I liked to do such as entertaining friends and having company over.

Then about three or four years ago, I got a grip. God brought me face-to-face with my problem. My problem was discontentment and an unrealistic understanding of what hospitality meant. I was comparing what I had to those around me, and then, subsequently, feeling insufficient to entertain.

I don't remember exactly how God spoke this to my heart. But when He did, I sprung forward in researching what exactly Biblical hospitality was supposed to look like, and I found out that it had NOTHING to do with the size of my house.

I did a whole series on Biblical hospitality last summer. But I never touched on small home hospitality so I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts regarding that this week.

Tomorrow will start the first post in this series. I will begin by answering the question, "Can I really extend hospitality in a small house?" During this series, I will also discuss having dinner guests, hosting small parties, and hosting overnight guests. And sometime in the near future I plan on expending this small home series by devoting some posts to embracing the delights that come along with living in a smaller home.

So, won't you join me over the next few days as I discuss the topic of small home hospitality?

See you here tomorrow!


A Primitive Homestead said...

I remember visiting & reading your posts. Will be back to visit this new series to. Blessings!

Laura said...

yah!!! looking forward to this series...God is showing me the importance of hospitality, but i feel kind of at a loss...thanks and blessings to you, friend!

Avril Copperfield said...

How many family members - including you - live in that 1600 sq. ft house? It seems like a pretty big space! Well, as I see it, the size of the house doesn't matter that much; what matters is the size of the home.

Randy Robinson said...

The size of the house doesn't matter… It can still be called home, especially if all of the family members live together in there in harmony and peace. I like how awe-inspiring this post is. Other families can realize many things while reading this.