Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gaining a new perspective as a mother...

My goal with this blog is for it to be a platform to voice the thoughts and words that God gives me. And so there are times when this space is quiet for days on end. Mostly this is because my mind is meditating on something that God is speaking to me at that moment. And I like to take time to sort it out, think upon it, and learn about it a bit before I share it.

Lately, God has been speaking to my heart about my role as a mother.

I shared in my last post a little about this. You see, whatever I write on this blog, is usually something that God is teaching me about in my personal life.

So I write not as someone who has perfected these practices, but as someone who is desiring to share with all of you what God is teaching me. Because if I need to hear His words, chances are good that someone else needs to as well. And if I'm struggling with something, others are most likely struggling with the same thing.

The truth is that I had been struggling with discontentment and some resentment for the last several months. I had been feeling pity for myself because my role as a mother and homeschooler left me very little time to pursue some things that I find great joy in (writing, art, etc.) Selfish me. But so true to this form of flesh my soul must do battle with.

Over this last month, God has been breathing new life into me regarding motherhood. He has been replanting the seeds of joy that I had once experienced in motherhood and homeschooling, but that my self-centered flesh had been attempting to yank out.

And He is again showing me how important a calling I have as a mother.

Do you know how important your calling is as a mother?

Did you know that, right now, in this season of your life, your calling as a mother is more important than any other role you might play?

How do I know this? Because if you have children, you have been entrusted by God to possess those children. And in that possession, you have inherited the divine calling of nurturing, shepherding, instructing, guiding and loving your children.

And all the energy and time and tears that are spent on behalf of your children are invested in eternity. Raising children isn't about the temporal. It's about the eternal.

I pray that God would enable me to share more with you beautiful ladies as He speaks to my heart. Because I know that there are many exhausted, discouraged mothers out there in need of some refreshment and a new perspective.

And if you're struggling, please contact me using the link at the top of my blog. I'd love to pray for you personally.

Have a most blessed Wednesday!

The joy of the Lord is my strength!


Heather said...

Great post. I can definitely relate. Sometimes I get caught up in resentment over my role as a wife and mother and how demanding & draining it can all feel sometimes... I needed to hear this.

And I also try to remember how Satan loves to attack our most precious gifts from God, including our motherhood.

By the way, I'm excited for your homeschooling blog! I used to swear I would never take on homeschooling my children but after learning so much from other mom's blogs (yours included) we're planning on it now! I look forward to reading what you have to say about it :)

Holly said...

Amber, thanks for sharing! Your blog is a ministry. I appreciate the truth you share. Praying for you, please do the same for me. Hugs, Holly