Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Awesome Dayspring Deal!

I really hope that I don't sound contradictory. Here I am talking all about Advent and keeping our Christmas focused on Christ, and now I'm about to spring some shopping news on you all. Forgive me please.

But despite the fact that we really do strive to keep our holidays focused on Christ here at our home, we don't really play the Santa Claus game, and we do keep our holiday spending to a minimum, we do indeed give gifts to our children and family members.

And I do love a bargain when I see one. Yes I do.

I love Dayspring products. I have numerous products from Daypsring, and will be doing another product review soon on another one of their products. So when I got this very exciting email from them this morning, I decided I just had to share it with you all.

Right now, for the month of November, Dayspring is offering all of their wall art canvases at 30% off. Now, here's the real deal. Right now through November 28th, you can get an additional 30% off the sale price on those canvases as well as ANY other product on their website (excluding a few exceptions) using the code SUPER30.

UGH! I love it! I immediately got on and made some holiday purchases this morning (and bought a few things for myself with my birthday money.) ;)

Here are some of my favorites...

Here are a few of Dayspring's Super Saver deals (which means that these do not qualify for the additional 30% off due to their already drastically reduced prices:

Remember this mirror ? It's on sale for $19.99! Way less than I paid for it even back when I had a 30% coupon.

God Will Be With You - Mirror

And then there's this gorgeous wooden utensil caddy I've been eyeing up for the past year. It's currently on sale for $9.00! (Again, it's excluded from the additional 30% offer.)

Give Thanks - Wooden Caddy

And this wooden serving tray is absolutely gorgeous. Would make a great functional piece or simply a great centerpiece for your table. It's on sale for $18.00.

Wonderful Grace Serving Tray

And $4.00 can get you this beautiful little trivet, part of the Ever Grateful series...

Ever Grateful Trivet

Oh, and another plus, all Dayspring orders over $50.00 qualify for free shipping, everyday!

Okay, well let's all carry on with our day now!


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Katy said...

Thank you for this Amber! I found a few great gifts for Christmas! :o)