Friday, August 26, 2011

Seeing the Harvest...

We dwell so much in the here and now of our temporary abode, this great ball called Earth. The tangible, the "what is seen" that we can wrap our calloused hands around.

But our finite vision only sees so far. And our inward-focused perspective settles the dense, impenetrable fog on the holy reality.

We often don't realize how the God-hand is really ushering us through our lives with purpose, with intention, with an end-goal in sight.

The eye redeemed and brought to life out of the dirt cannot perceive the end as can the Holy One. To Him, there is no time. His existence is boundless. It just all is and was and forever more will be. And the days don't drag on in anticipation or anxiousness or bewilderment in the heavenlies.

He's already there. Wherever "there" may be for you. He's already walked forth with His reaping sickle and cleared the briers and thorns. He's gone before you.

And this is why we can place one foot in front of the other, even on the unlit path, and expect the reaping of the faith harvest.

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annette said...

love it! and i can almost smell the tomatoes :)... ours are STILL green. happy day to you ☺