Thursday, August 4, 2011

Redecorating with Paint...

I've been in the decorating kind of mood lately. Some of the dark objects in my home were making me feel weighted down, so I've been working on lightening up our home.

One of my favorite ways to redecorate is through the use of paint. I'm not a big fan of painting rooms, only because I find it boring, long, and tedious. However, I really enjoy transforming a lamp or table through the use of paint.

In the past two weeks, I have painted close to 15 objects in our home. It all started when I had to spray paint the chairs for my Sunday School classroom that I'm currently renovating. I had my painting clothes on, the sandpaper out, and paint on hand, so I thought, "why not?"

This little table has always been one of my favorite small pieces of furniture. It used to be in my grandparent's farmhouse, so it's a pretty old piece.

I forgot to take a before picture, but it was a dark red color. It looked nice, but the dark color felt very heavy so I spray painted it "celery." I love it now. The spray paint is Krylon brand, by the way.

And then I painted the lamp (which was originally black) white using acrylic paint and a paint brush. I could have spray painted it white, but I wanted the lamp to look distressed and brushing on acrylic paint achieves that look.

Now this is where you might all think I'm a little crazy. The lampshade was a very dark reddish/maroonish color. I contemplated covering it with fabric, but the shape of the shade had me thinking that was going to be complicated and time-consuming. So (here's the crazy part), I mixed some white and blue acrylic paint together and then painted the lampshade with it!

I know, where do I get some of these outlandish ideas from? Well, I figured it was worth the try, and I like how it turned out. Some of the red does show through, but it actually makes the shade look distressed. And I like it!

This chair was another piece of furniture I "inherited" from my grandparents' farmhouse. Again, I wanted to lighten it up a bit, so I spray painted it white, and then I recovered the seat using some fabric I already had on hand. Very easy, very cheap.

My next project is the hutch in the dining area. It's currently black. I bought paint from Sherwin Williams last week called Sea Salt. It's from their new HGTV line of paint which I absolutely love! They have a great palette of coastal colors ~ light, cheery, beachy colors!

Stay tuned for before/after pics of the hutch!

Have a blessed Thursday!


Wendi said...

Painting the lampshade was a great idea... you are so creative!

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