Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Which the Enemy Attempts to Render us Helpless...

The father of lies {Satan} offers his trap in the form of lies whispered into the ear of a child of God. He knows the importance of a subtle lie in the life of a child of God. He knows that pure evil would be too obvious, so he attempts to sneak into the backdoor of our minds, set out to bewilder and confuse.

And in this bewilderment, that God-child is very likely to snatch on to that lie, accept it as their reality, and, most likely, won't even be able to discern its origin.

Would you take something from the open hand of the enemy?

And so he custom wraps the lies to appeal to our weaknesses, struggles, and low self-worth. And, even though the lie is not at all appealing, it becomes our own. We mentally engrave our names right there on the gold-plated plaque of its surface.

It becomes so much a part of us, that we cling to it because it is what we know. And no matter how horrible this thing makes us feel, we reason in our heads that it is ours, even if we don't want it. The lie clouds our perspective. And then we can't possibly see ourselves as God sees us.

This is the slimy, sneaky way of the enemy.

And when a lie has been slowly etching itself into the mind for an entire lifetime, it often takes years of battle to claim victory over it and truly feel that, indeed, victory was sincerely claimed. And that is okay. The Christ-walk, the victorious life, is one of discipline and constant, progressive sanctification.

And it is quite possible that those defeating, scary thoughts will resurface multiple times throughout one's lifetime. However, we can claim victory over them when we proclaim God's Word (THE TRUTH) over those lies and accept His Truth instead of our old enabling and suffocating friend, the lie.

But how does one carry on in the meantime? During the heat of the battle?

In moments of exhaustion, one must rest fully in the arms of Christ. Let Him carry you (because He most certainly does) and let Him do all the fighting as your mind seeks restoration and renewal.

But there may be other times when the battle still carries on, maybe just not so ragingly. It could be at this time that the main battle, the heavy battle, is nearing its end. And you, the God-child are in the lead because of your Commander (although may one be warned that the enemy will entice you to think that you only think the battle front is quiet and you only think you are about to conquer. He will do much to discourage one that is close to victory. The closer to victory one is, the more desperate the enemy becomes.)

But remember that the father of lies has NO authority over a child of God. He will do everything in his power (which is much more limited than he wants us to know) to make God's children believe he does have power over us. But when one is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, she has authority over the enemy by the blood of Christ that covers her.

So claim that victory, sister. Cling to your Savior, the one who has redeemed you and desires to give you a victorious life through Him. Cling to His Word, which is the only thing in this life that can be guaranteed to be the truth. Speak His Word over the lies you've come to believe about yourself.

You are of much worth, dear one. God wants you to know that.

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