Friday, August 19, 2011

How the grimy places become beautiful...

We tread waist-deep in the murky, churning waters of enemy lies if we believe that our "issues" disqualify us from Kingdom service. The Mighty Saving One sees the grimy places, the fearful places, the anxious places, the dark places as the crevices where hope is born and faith blossoms.

No matter how dry, how parched, how cement-hard the heart has become... No matter how far the turbulent mind has wandered and strayed... No matter how deep in the cavern of fear the soul has crawled...

He can use you.

Because don't we all have those dark places that threaten us at times? Those places of struggle that have rooted themselves deep into the earth of our soul? The loving Father is not looking for perfection. If He was, He would have no Kingdom workers. Rather, He uses willing hearts, no matter how they are hurting, to compassionately reach deep into the other hearts that are buried in the common grounds.

He can use you.

Now right there in the midst of your fiery furnace, your insecurities, your suffocating fear, your bewilderment, pour your heart out to Him. He already knows. Give your heart a voice {the heart often soars when it finds its voice.} Speak to your Father. He's waiting...

He can use you.

Surrender yourself to your loving Creator. He's got great plans for you, dear sister. Fling yourself at the foot of the cross and come with all of yourself {even the grimy parts} and lay it all down right there. Then lift your face, dear one, and tell your Redeemer that you are His and you are ready to be used in a mighty way for Him.

He will use you.

The way to find yourself is in the fires of sorrow... If you receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people. ~ Oswald Chambers

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