Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden Time

We put in our big garden this past weekend.

Potatoes, green onions, sweet corn, beans, a variety of lettuce, brussel sprouts, a variety of tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, red and green peppers, and squash. Hmmm? Did I miss anything? Oh, and we'll be adding our watermelon plants that the kids and I started by seed once those get a little bit bigger.

I still need to go to a different nursery to hunt down cucumber plants as the nursery we bought everything else from was all out. We usually also plant several cherry tomato plants in the garden, but it seems like so many split and go bad because they all seem to ripen at the same time. So this year, I'm planting one cherry tomato plant in a big container on my deck. Then the kids can go out whenever their little hearts desire and pluck a few off the plant for a treat.

Brad is going to build me four raised beds as well right off of our back deck. I'm not sure if that's going to get done this summer at this point! That was the plan, but he's been so busy trying to get the basement finished; it's a long, tiring process when you're doing the work yourself in the evenings. I keep telling myself that I need to learn how to operate power tools so that I could relieve him of some of this kind of work. I think I'll make that a long-term goal of mine!

But if he does get the raised beds built, I plan on planting some more herbs in those as well as one for strawberries and I'd also like to plant asparagus and carrots, and I'm going to move the horseradish up to one of the beds. My dad has had it planted in the big garden, but it's not a good place for it since it has a habit of gettig tilled up each spring!

I'm also planning on doing some more research on raising rhubarb. I'm sure it's probably not difficult, but I want to make sure I find a good spot for it.

My herb bed off my back deck has chives, thyme, flat-leaf parsley, dill, and lavender growing in it. I moved some of the plants around just to make more room for everything. And since everything is spreading and growing well, I'm growing three sweet basil plants in containers on our side porch as well as a container of spearmint.

When we planted on Saturday, my dad, Brad, and Sergei spread the hay in the garden. Then Sergei left to mow the lawn at the church (his summer job) and Brad, my dad, Ian and I (with some help from Lily) planted. It was SO nice to have dirt under my nails. There is something very therapeutic in having one's hands in the soil.

How is your gardening going? What are you planting? What veggies do you have the most success with?

Oh, and please stay tuned for a summer giveaway I'm having. I'll either post it tomorrow or Monday! Lots of really great summery goodies to win!!!!! I'm so excited!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

We put our garden in on Monday. I still have 21 tomato plants to go in the ground, but Tomato Land isn't quite ready. So far we have 4 types of lettuce, cucumbers, zuchinni, squash, butternut squash, sunflowers, cauliflower, brocolli, peppers (hot and sweet and bell). I still need to start sugar snap peas and basil. Our herbs are still there from last year, except our chives, I can never get those to last. Our parley from last year needs to come out- I don't think it works well the next year- tastes bitter.

Gary and Tina Bell said...

You guys are awesome. Just makes me tired to hear about all you have planted but how rewarding the results are. I think someday I would love to have a garden as much as my kiddos love veggies.

Monica said...

yours sounds very much like my own experience. I have a few raised beds but not enough for all that I wanted to put out. hubby was going to make me a few more but he is so busy, time has gotten away from us. I turned a "flower" bed in the front of the house into a garden bed. I put my zucchini and some dill there. I too only put out one cherry tomato plant in a pot on the back deck along with some slicer cucumbers (climbing a tomato cage) and some bell peppers. Make do with what we have availabe! next year I hope to have the extra beds for beans and okra...Happy gardening!

April said...

Just put my first "garden" in this past weekend. With living in a condo there's no yard to work with, but I bought a box to hang on our deck railing and planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants. Keeping my fingers crossed that my first time's a success because I love fresh veggies!!!

Gina said...

I love to see other's gardens. And yours looks great! Mine is really late since we've had so much rain. Part of it has not even been tilled yet.

Wendi said...

My garden is looking well. I have huge cabbage plants, healthy looking green bean plants and tomatoes, blooms on the cucumber and zucchini and my first ever pea pod! I am looking forward to a nice harvest.