Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Praying for Your Future Husband

Do you all think it's crazy that I've been praying for my children's future spouses since the day they each were born (or adopted)? God has impressed upon my heart the importance of my children marrying godly spouses and has subsequently placed a burden on my heart to pray for my children's future spouses on a regular basis.

As a result, I was super excited to read Praying for Your Future Husband: Preparing Your Heart for His by Robin Jones Gunn (author of the Christy Miller book series) and Tricia Goyer. Targeted for teenage girls, this book discusses the importance of girls praying for their future husbands.

The authors both share personal experiences, both trials and triumphs, on their paths to meeting and marrying their husbands. The authors' experiences differed greatly which gives a nice balance to the advice offered. Goyer even shares her very personal experience of premarital promiscuity, an abortion as a young teenage girl, and a subsequent additional pregnancy as a teenager.

Each chapter covers a different prayer topic. Some of the prayer topics include: His Heart, Patience, Understanding, Protection, Trust, and many more. Each chapter includes the authors' personal experiences and insights into the discussed topic as well as personal stories from other women. Each chapter also includes scriptural references.

At the end of each chapter is a prayer for the reader to pray for her future spouse and a prayer for her to pray for herself. Then at the very end of the chapter, there are discussion questions that delve even deeper into each topic. These questions would be great for a mother and daughter to discuss together. There is also room for personal thoughts and reflections to be written in at the end of each chapter.

I absolutely loved this book. I actually can't recommend this book enough. This is one of those books that I'm going to have Lily read when she's older. It gets to the heart of why a girl should be praying for her future husband, offers prayers that can be prayed, and really encourages purity and a close relationship with God above all else.

This book has also been helpful to me as I pray for my children and their future spouses. Some of the prayers included in this book, I would have never thought of to pray. So I've been able to glean knowledge of ways to specifically pray for my children's future spouses. I've also gained insight in how to pray for my sons and the husbands that they will be one day to their future wives.

Prayer is such a powerful tool in our Christian lives, and this book is all about the power of that prayer in shaping the husbands of our girls' futures. This book goes to the heart of the matter, the heart of the girl, and the heart of the boy. This was an absolutely wonderful, insightful book.

If you have a teenage daughter, get this book for her! I would say that the earlier you had her read this, the better. This would be a good book to read before your daughter began to get tangled up in the emotional world of boys and dating and so forth. Can't recommend this book enough! A true winner!

I received this book from Waterbrook-Multnomah Publishing in exchange for my honest review.


Heather said...

My mom always told me when I was growing up that she regularly prayed for my future husband. I thought it was weird when I was a kid...

now I'm very grateful that she did. I know God heard her prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been thinking a lot about this subject recently. Abbey turned 13 today. I can feel the window of opportunity to have the greatest influence 5 short years she will be 18!!! This weighs heavy on my heart.

Anonymous said...

A little update from me~ I just purchased this book for Abbey. I plan on really having some good heart to heart talks with her over the summer as she begins her walk from little girl to womanhood. I own another book by this same author that has some wonderful starter conversations and activities that are wonderful for her tender age. It's called Gentle Passages Guiding Your Daughter into Womanhood.