Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Little Escape

I sold some items on eBay last week. I sold them with the intentions of buying wicker furniture for my front porch with the money I made. Then I changed my mind and bought one night's stay at a wonderful lodge in the mountains.

We stayed at this lodge nine years ago when we celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. So when I booked the room last week, I requested the same suite we had before.

It was so nice to get away. Just the two of us. My parents graciously kept our three kiddos.

We had an exquisite dinner and a wonderful breakfast this morning at the lodge's lovely, rustic restaurant. The lodge itself is so cozy and warm. Very comfy.

And the beds are heavenly. Huge king size beds, the ones you have to take a running jump to get up on. And the linens and pillows and duvet were down-filled. Everything was down=filled. It was the kind of bed that you just sunk down into. So warm and cozy.

The weather these last few days has been beautiful and warm so we were able to enjoy a nice long hike today before heading home.

We had such a wonderful time. We needed this time alone in a big way, and it was so nice to finally be able to talk and cuddle and completely enjoy one another.

Way better investment than porch furniture.

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Angela said...

Where is this beautiful place? Our 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up and this place looks like the perfect getaway. Ange

Wendi said...

Looks like a wonderful getaway!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

That looks absolutely wonderful Amber! So glad you two were able to enjoy that time away! :)

Yes, we were at Farmer's Inn in those icecream pics! :) How funny we were possibly at the same place, around the same time!? :)

Elise said...

How wonderful y'all were able to get away!! I cannot wait for my husband and I to celebrate our 10 wedding anniversary away this year...That place you stayed looks awesome!!

Kristen said...

beautiful! I found your blog via the link up at Dayspring (doing a give away as well)
your newest follower-