Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

What a busy week it was last week! I'm not very fond of weeks when I feel like I spend more time running and in the car than I do at home! As much as I enjoy getting out every now and then, I'm much more of a homebody! I love to be able to stay at home and concentrate on keeping house and raising my kids.

Things are finally starting to bloom and green here in Western PA. On my drive into town yesterday, I was amazed at how green the trees looked! I think the little leaves unfurled themselves during the night because it did not look that green the day before! It truly thrills my soul to see all the green! This is my favorite time of year! When all things become new and renewed!

I was able to take my little niece, Lena, out for a while on Thursday. It was a beautiful sunny day so we went out to swing and walk through the woods. I so appreciate having land where my kids can explore and roam!

We have a little birdie friend who decided to build her nest right next to our side porch in the holly bush. She's got four turquoise eggs that she's nesting. I love that we can experience this miracle of God's creation right outside our door. I only fear that the eggs won't make it because she flies away every time someone comes out onto that porch. She does seem to be getting a little braver though. She doesn't always fly off right away; maybe she can sense that we're not going to harm her.

Here are the tulips and hyacinths I planted the other day. I LOVE to see the beautiful, brightly colored petals!

Our cherry tree is in bloom too! And so are our mini-rhododendrons! I know that you readers down south have been experiencing blooms for a while now, but us northerners are just starting to see all the lovely color and flowering so we're all excited!

When Sergei got home from school on Thursday, the kids dragged out a kite since it was super windy out. We're down to one kite because all the kites from last summer were destroyed by the wind last year here on the top of this windy knoll!

And here is a little playhouse that we are trying to resurrect. We got it from my sister-in-law. They bought a house last year, and this playhouse was sitting on the property. They were going to burn it, but we thought we'd try to fix it up for Lily. It's in pretty sorry shape.

I worked on cleaning out the inside, but it still looks pretty bad. I also had to re-nail the entire roof, as the boards were all loose and coming off. It's definitely going to require a lot of elbow grease, new stain, and new paint, but I think it will be a cute little place for Lily once it's done.

I'm envisioning bright white with pink trim and some really cute handmade pink gingham curtains in the three little windows! Maybe a little window box with some silk flowers too? I always wanted a play house when I was little so this is going to be fun for me!

Today is gorgeous! Yesterday was cold and rainy, but today it's supposed to be near 70 and the sun is shining and the sky is blue! Ian has his first soccer game today. Our friends are bringing their boys over for a while while they celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary so our boys are looking forward to spending time with their friends. Then my sister and brother-in-law invited the whole family to their place for dinner tonight! I'm so excited!

Well, I need to get some work started! Have a very blessed weekend!


Just Another Day In Paradise said...

If nothing else maybe that house could become a chicken coop. Its very cute!

Anonymous said...

We have a bird nesting on a ledge under the clubhouse/slide of our swingset. After a wind storm a few days ago, Annie found two robins eggs, intact, in the yard, so she put them in the empty nest that was on the ledge (we assumed it was an old one from a previous year), and a few days later, there was a mother bird on the nest, and 3 eggs! I don't know if the windfall ones will survive, but the girls are going to only play on the swings for a few weeks and see what comes of this. :) So fun!