Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Date Night!

Brad and I had a date night last Friday night. The first one in a very long time.

We live out in the blessed country, which I absolutely love, except for when it comes to shopping or eating out. Then we have a good 30-40 minute drive.
So instead of wasting all that time driving and then a 2-hour wait at a restaurant, we opted for our local hoagie shop that really does have the best hoagies around anyway! Hoagies, onion rings, root beer, and sacred time with my sweetie.

When we finished eating, my sweetheart pulled out index cards and asked me what areas I needed prayer in. And then he gave me an index card and told me what areas he needed prayer in. Then we committed to holding each other up in prayer in these areas each day. I thought that was so sweet of him. It really was a blessed, holy time.

We left the hoagie shop and headed to the bowling alley, which was totally packed. We sat in the parking lot trying to decide whether to go in or not. And because we're getting old and boring, we opted out of the crowded bowling alley and headed for Sheetz instead for lattes and donuts. Then we sat for 30 minutes in the automatic car wash line and laughed about how pathetic we were and how you could tell we were getting old - sitting in the car commenting on the mechanics of the automatic car wash during our we-only-get-to-go-out-twice-a-year-date. We had a good laugh!

After our car was sparkling clean, we headed for home with our coffee and donuts and settled in on the living room floor for a good game of Scrabble. I won. And you must realize that, despite the fact that I have a much more expansive vocabulary than Brad, I can NEVER beat him at this game. It kills me!!! He's more strategic than me, so while I might be able to make eight-letter words, he can get thirty points out of a three-letter word because he strategizes on where to place all the letters. So, I was so happy that I beat him because, honestly, I think it was the first time!

So despite the fact that our date was far from glamorous, it was a holy, sacred, blessed time with each other. It was quiet and relaxed and enabled us to really focus on each other, which is what date night should be all about.


Wendi said...

Sounds like the kind of date night Chuck and I might have. Glad that you had some time together!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

What great pictures!
Sounds like a perfect night... except... what's a "hoagie"?
I love simple nights with my husband. Heavenly time, spent together... so much better than fighting crowds or doing it up big.
Glad y'all got some "us" time and HOORAY for winning scrabble.

A Primitive Homestead said...

You won YA! Your little puppy looks quite interested in the game. Sounds like a perfect date to me. Wish you both many more & more often. Lifting each other up in prayer is a gift in its self. The best. Blessings!