Saturday, July 3, 2010

God's Divine Appointments...

Hello everyone. First of all, I wanted to say that it has been pretty much been impossible for me to check blogs and comment because our internet here is so slow that I can't even get most websites to open. There are only two blogs that I'm able to view (and I have no idea why I can only open those two and not others.) But I so very much appreciate all of you who still come here to get updates on this big life-changing experience our family is going through right now.

And now on to something very exciting...

We seriously had a divine appointment this past week. On Wednesday, two teams of missionaries, one from Western Ukraine and one from America, showed up at Sergei's orphanage. We got to talking with the director of the program, and he told us that he would like for us to join the team. So long story short, we are now spending 12 hours each day working with the teams of missionaries as they present the Gospel to and love on the children at Sergei's orphanage.

This has truly been such an awesome gift from God. I KNOW that he set all this up ahead of time. He knew that we needed to be here in Ukraine at this exact time because He wanted us involved in this camp. We came here to adopt our son, and we are also having the privilege of doing missions work! How awesome and blessed is that?!!?

We are team members of Sergei's age group so we are able to spend a very nice amount of time with him each day. We are also forming wonderful relationships with so many of the other children which we wouldn't have been able to do had we only continued with our 3-hour visits each day. I cannot wait to get home and see my kids, but I will have to say that it will be very difficult to leave all these kids knowing that I will probably never see them again.

I have found several children whom I have really grown to love and I feel will be wonderful additions to American families. So now it's my goal to play advocate and get these kids on New Horizons hosting program so that they have a chance to experience life in a family and, hopefully, be adopted.

Me with three of the american missionaries, one of the Ukrainian missionaries and several kids, including Sergei on the left.
Thanks for all your prayers. I can really feel and see how you all have been lifting our family up in prayer during this time. I so appreciate each and every prayer that has been sent up to Heaven for our family!

Be blessed and count all those blessings as well!

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A Primitive Homestead said...

This is wonderful! The seeds you are planting in those children. God Bless you. We will trust God to send another to water the seeds when you return home soon.