Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Thank you that I can move into the future nondefensively, with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead, for You hold the future and You will always be with me..." Excerpt from 31 Days of Praise

Move into the future nondensively. With outstretched arms. Ready to envelope the unknown, knowing that the unknown has been known to Him since the beginning of time. The walls fall down from around my facade. Glory revealed.

Oh, for the courage to surrender it all! How sweet it would be to let it all go. Take it, Lord! Take all of me! I am an earthen vessel emptied so that I may be filled fully with You. Filled with Your love, Your courage, Your grace. Filled to bring You glory.

Why hesitiate, oh my soul? Why do you hesitate to fully loosen the grip on what is not really yours? What comfort can really be found in holding on to a destiny that really is not within your control? Pride. Do you really believe that you know best, soul? Soul and mind so easily distracted.

Oh soul, don't you know Who holds you? The Redeemer. You are saved by His gift, His sacrifice. He upholds you. Calls to you. Calms you. The sweet breeze blows gently over, bringing peace in the midst of your turmoil and confusion.

"Oh, Father", you cry, "How does one surrender fully?" The mind gives it up only to snatch it back. Can it ever be given fully over? Impossible to the human mind.

The Spirit. Living within. An intercessor. The Spirit knows the heart and the soul. Knows the intentions, sees the struggling. Knows the true desire to live fully for Him. Appeal to the Father, oh Spirit, my soul thirsts for the freedom that comes from Him.

The Father loves lavishly, fully aware of human imperfections. The limit of the human mind. The weakness of man. Yet it is that exact weakness that allows for Him to work mightily through His creation. His glory revealed. His light shininng through the cracks of our earthen jars of clay.

So thankful. Thankful that this soul does not have to be strong and perfect. Thankful that the soul's willingness to go, even when afraid, leads to great works of God. Use me, Father, use me!

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