Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yesterday was 64 degrees. Loved it! I had to run some adoption paperwork to the post office so we swung by the library which is just a few blocks away. I love seeing the kids enjoying books. Books and reading are a big part of our life so I love to see this...

When we got home from town, it was so nice and warm out that I planted myself on the front porch (without a coat I'm happy to add) and the kids played in the little bit of snow that is still left in our yard.

We had our water well dug out last fall and the ground in that spot is nice and muddy. The kids really enjoyed making a huge muddy mess. Boy were they dirty! But they had so much fun! It was a joy to see!

When we came in from outside, Ian informed me that it had been "a really good day." Now I just have a laundry-tub full of muddy clothing to tend to!


Mandy said...

We love going to the library. Glad the kids had fun!

Simple said...

We enjoy our library time.
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Sarah said...

Great pics!!! My kids found the mud yesterday too...such a mess, but they loved it!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

LOVE the photos of the children reading; what a great journey they have begun!