Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our School Year

We'll be beginning our school year next Monday. I'm excited to start. I'm even more excited that Ian is looking forward to learning how to read. Last year was tough because he wasn't quite ready. I can really see a difference in his level of interest this year.

We're using Sonlight Core K Introduction to World Cultures for history/geography/social studies.

We're also using Sonlight's language arts and science curriculums.

Explode the Code will be our phonics program.

For handwriting, we're using Handwriting Without Tears.

Our math curriculum is Saxon Math 1.

I've heard so many great things about Sonlight's program so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to use it this year. It's a literature-based program so there will be lots of reading. And I think that's why it will work so well for us. Both of my kids love books and reading.

I'll be using several random preschool workbooks with Lily. I'd like for her to learn her alphabet and numbers 1-10. I also want to work on her shapes. I'm not one to push at her age so whatever she learns will be fine with me. She is fairly interested and loves to sit and do "school" with us since she sees her older brother doing it.

Well, between getting ready for school and tending to a puppy with a broken leg (Yes, Molly fell off Ian's bed and broke her leg. She had surgery and is activity-restricted for the next three weeks) I've been pretty busy. Plus the garden has been time-consuming although that's wrapping up. Our tomato plants got blight so I won't be able to can tomato sauce this year. Big bummer.

Oh, and we're painting this week. The kids' rooms need painted so I've been peeling off wallpaper and prepping the walls for their new coat of paint. We want to get that done before we start school next week. All this busyness leaves no time for mommy projects (crafting, scrapbooking, etc.) Oh, well. I should have more time for that this winter when we're stuck in the house!

Have a good day!



Simple said...

Starting a new school year is always exciting. And getting out new textbooks. I get just as excited as the children do. My oldest is taking his first English test of the year today.
Best wishes with the school year.
Blessings, Fine Linen

Carleen said...

When I saw that picture I was all like...That is what we used (twice now). Still using Sonlight this year for 1st & 3rd grade. We love it!

Heather said...

The Story of Ping! I loved that book as a child...

Anonymous said...