Wednesday, November 12, 2008


These two little blessings from God make me smile. Their innocence. Their joy. Their curiosity. Their energy.

Forgive me, Lord, for when I take them for granted. For when I tend to rush their lives. For when I become frustrated with their dependency on me.

Help me to love them deeply. To show your grace, kindness, and deep love to them. Help me to be a Godly mother. Help me to react out of love rather than frustration or anger.

Lord, I desire nothing more than for their hearts to turn to you. Thank you for Ian's decision to accept you as his Savior. I pray that Lily's heart would be softened and she would desire you at an early age.

Lord, I pray that as parents we would be able to look past all earthly things, and focus on impressing upon our children's hearts the eternal things. Those things which will never pass away. Help us to focus on You and Your Son. Help us to not conform to the world, but to be continually transformed through You and Your love and grace.

Lord, I pray that I would embrace my children no matter what stage of life they are presently at. I pray that I would be filled with the wonder that they are. I pray that I would soak up each moment with them that you so graciously bless me with.


Katy said...

Your children are adorable..and how true and sweet this post was. I get so discouraged with myself when I get easily impatient with my children or take their innocence for granted by getting annoyed with constant questions.
We truly are blessed! Thank you for the reminder! ;)

Shannon said...

What a sweet post. Your kids are so cute! I used to love playing in the sink. :)

Holly said...