Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ramblings on snow, candy, and crafting marathons

Yesterday we woke up to see this outside:

So I have to say that I was completely unprepared for this very unexpected three inches of snow that I found on my decks this morning. My poor fall decorations were completely covered in snow and blown around. And my pillows are still not defrosted from the deep freeze they found themselves in at 7:00am this morning.

Of course, the kids were completely over-joyed. All morning they talked about how they couldn't wait to go outside and play in the snow. Wouldn't you know that I hadn't even bought their snowsuits or snow boots yet. I figured I had another month before I would need that particular winter apparel.

So, off we went to Wal-Mart. Upon arrival home, we bundled up and headed outside. I had to remind myself of the post I wrote yesterday about stepping out of my comfort zone and getting dirty and cold for the sake of fun 'cause I really didn't want to go out in the 32 degree weather!

And isn't it ironic that last night was trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. It was very strange combining snow and Halloween. I was rolling on the floor laughing when dressing Lily. She had so many layers on under her Little Red Riding Hood costume that she looked like "Little Red on Steroids." Ian's batman costume was much easier to conceal the five layers hiding beneath it.

My sister and her daughter, Allie went with us. Our friends Bern and Carmen and their three kids also went. We only stayed out for an hour because it was miserably cold and windy. And my fingers and toes were numb. And I musn't forget about my numb legs. Oh, the things one will do for chocolate...

This is everyone minus Carmen and I who were taking the pictures. Oh, and Bern is hiding behind Raphy the lion and Miriam the fairy - you can only see his left leg and his orange hat!

Oh, and I mentioned earlier in the week that I'm devoting my blog posts this week to family topics and pics. I'm getting some much needed rest before I start my crafting marathon next week. My project? Christmas gifts. And some other random things. So stay tuned and I leave all you crafty folk out there with some eye candy...


Sarah said...

Awwwww....too cute! We only got a dusting here. Mt parents are in PA and they got 12 inches! I love your daughter in her costume....she looks very plump! I can't wait to see your crafts. I have tons of ribbon and am always looking for something to do with it all. :)

Nicole said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow. Were still in the 70's here in Utah, I'm just enjoying it for the few more days it is supposed to lasdt. I cant wait to see what you do with all that pretty fabric and ribbon. A girl can never have too much ribbon.

BurttBunch said...

Ok...we didn't even get a dusting here! How did you get 3 inches! LOL
Can't WAIT to see what you are doing with your crafts! See ya tomarrow!

Carleen said... has snowed here already but nothing like that, and I'm in MN! In fact it was 71 degrees today!