Thursday, October 23, 2008

Captured Moments

Well, I'm tired. And my brain is temporarily out of order. I picked up some new fabric today, and I desperately wanted to start making some Christmas gifts but cannot even pick myself up out of this chair to do it. We ran errands all day. And we all got our flu shots. Which could explain my exhaustion. Not from the vaccine. From pinning Ian down while he got his.

Instead I've been sitting here in front of the computer searching for more Christmas projects to add to my already too-ambitious list.

Oh, and I received my new camera today. Thanks to my mom and dad and an early Christmas gift. So I can finally give my dad his camera back. I've given it quite the work-out. I'm sure it will appreciate a short hibernation before it's whisked off to the deserts of Wyoming.

Of course, I immediately had to play with my new toy. Took many pics. A few I wanted to post tonight, but I can't get the software formatted to my computer. And my genius husband who normally does that techy stuff is working. So it will have to wait.

So I leave you with some random images that I've captured over the last couple of weeks.


Have a great weekend!


Holly said...

-enjoyed your pics! Have a wonderful weekend too - it's going to be cold!!

remember - scrapping on Tues. - 9 to 9 at the church, hope to see you then

BurttBunch said...

Your a sweetie! Love the pics with your camera! I love having my own too! Thank you Pres Bush for mine! LOL
Have a good weekend!

melissa said...

What great pics! What kind of camera did you get? Have fun taking zillions of shots this weekend :)

Heather said...

OOH. I love aesthetically pleasing photos...

:-) Happy Autumn!

Carleen said...

Huh...I thought I commented here! I guess not. What I wanted to say was...GREAT PICTURES! Love them all!!