Thursday, May 5, 2016

Fiber Play

Lily taught herself how to spin yesterday using my drop spindle and some YouTube videos. I have to admit that I do feel impressed at her eagerness and determination. I do NOT spin using the drop spindle. I had purchased that spindle at a local yarn and fiber festival two years ago and had not used it since trying it at the festival. Shame on me. 

However, Lily picked it up and got a rhythm going surprisingly fast, and she is enjoying it much more than spinning at the wheel. She's already planning my spindle spinning lessons. 

I have also been spinning. I spun up a dreamy gray merino last week, and it made the most squishy, soft, scrumptious yarn. OH MY. I had bought a whole pound of this roving, so there is still a lot left to spin. I am just so happy with how it turned out. 

I just spun up four ounces of hand-dyed Cheviot roving. I bought it off a hand-dyer, so I didn't do the actual dying. I love the colors, but it's a bit courser than what I prefer to wear next to my skin. However, I do believe that it would be perfectly fine knitted up as a hat. From what I have read, Cheviot is supposed to be a nicer, softer fiber so I'm thinking that maybe the micron count of this fiber I ordered is a bit higher and courser than some Cheviot. Regardless, it is absolutely beautiful, and I have another four ounce roving in this same fiber but different colorway to spin. 

I finished the prayer socks for Liz, and those will go in the mail as soon as they have their mail set up at their new home. I've since started the Swedish Lines shawl using Cloudborn baby alpaca fingering weight yarn. I am loving this yarn! It's so soft! And I'm really excited about this shawl. It's going to be perfect for cooler nights this spring and summer.  The navy and taupe color are also really exciting me because I think that it will make such a classic garment. 

Have a good one!


Simply Quaint said...

Oh my goodness you have one talented young lady....that is just awesome....if only there were more little eager gals in this world, that being my granddaughter, lol, too interested in style, fashion etc and she is only 7...... I would love her to learn to crochet, knit, sew, I've tried to encourage but no interest.....maybe my new granddaughter will get the creating bug...😃 I love Lily's head band, is that one you or she has made? Is there a pattern? My grand baby would look lovely in those as Lily does...


Thank you for sharing

karen said...

how exciting to be sharing a craft love :) I bet it makes you happy and thrilled! My children both know how to knit but none make it there craft....but my sister knits!!

Rachel E. said...

Amazing. I think you are both talented and knowledgeable of so much.

Mereknits said...

Your daughter's face is radiant as she spins, how lovely. I love the yarn you have spun it is so beautiful.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

My mother and grandmother loved to knit so much... :)