Wednesday, February 3, 2016

everyday things and some very last minute birthday making

I don't know how I manage to do this for every single holiday that I have planned handmade gifts (which is pretty close to every holiday that there is gift-giving involved.) I always seem to wait until crunch time, until the week before (sometimes less) to start the making. I am a natural born procrastinator in many ways. I have always found myself to work at peak performance when I'm crunched for time (although, mentally, I usually find myself quite stressed and cranky.) 

Well, Lily's birthday crafting this year was, of course, no different. Why should I expect anything else from myself? 

I just started making her Miss Dandelion Doe yesterday. Actually, I haven't even traced nor cut out the pieces for the actual doll herself. Yesterday, I found myself sitting at my sewing machine all afternoon working on a little wardrobe for Miss Dandelion Doe as well as another dress for Miss Maggie Rabbit. Lily was spending the day with my mom, so it worked out quite nicely. 

And I have already decided that if I don't finish this little project up by this Saturday (which is her birthday) then I can always give it to her for Easter. We don't traditionally give the kids gifts on Easter, but I was thinking it would be nice to fill little baskets with some healthy treats and perhaps a little handmade gift or two. 

And even though the crocheted afghan surprise has been blown and Miss Dandelion Doe may not be completed for her birthday, we still have another gift for her that she will really love. I will take a picture of it after she receives it. Right now it is being stored in my parents' basement, but it is an antique vanity dresser that I found at a local shop earlier in the year. I know she's going to love it because she was with me at the shop, and she sat at that vanity for a long time, and I could see all of the little girl dreams floating before her eyes. 

And here are some of the ordinary things going on in our home...

 This is what the kids and Brad came home to. Curled up under the covers in Ian's bed. Somebody's just a bit spoiled. 

 Lily took this picture. Our cheese grater has a happy face.

 Homemade tomato soup using tomatoes and herbs I had preserved in the fall.

 A few of my favorite cookbooks.

 Brad is the smoothie king. He is the official smoothie maker in our home. 

 Lily's homemade blueberry jam and blueberry juice. Breakfast over the weekend. 

 Ian has been enjoying photographing his Lego figures using materials around the house. All inspired by this book.

 A book on Michelangelo and weights, of course. Why wouldn't these two things be side by side on our coffee table?


Wendi said...

I am happy to see you posting! I have by a few times, but didn't take the time to comment. I know... shame, shame! ;) It looks like things are well in your home. I smiled about the cheese grater as that is something Megan would notice.

Katy said...

I am *so* loving all your photos! :) A lovely post Amber! You mentioned about that flooring you got for your bathroom, I'd love to know what it is! If you like it, that sounds great! :)

Rachel E. said...

Wonderful pictures!

The tomato soup and grilled cheese look so good. One of my favorite meals.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love the lego pictures. THAT DOG!!!! Love it. I bet she will love that dresser. Swoon.

KathyB. said...

Your children will remember these days when they are grown and know they were ( and are ) blessed abundantly in God's choice of parents for them. I remember my days with young children and count them among my happiest days , especially knowing God was most important for us.

Ha, your crafting of family gifts echoes mine, all finished near the deadline, maybe because there was a deadline ! Almost all gifts from our family were homemade, and they are the best gifts. Love your projects and looking forward to seeing the finished results.

karen said...

your children are so creative, love the lego photos. I wish I married a smoothie maker! Good luck sewing and creating for your deadline. I think you'll make it!

Zena said...

I just adore Dandelione's clothing. The soup looks so delicious. Lovely homemakings and creativity from the kids.

Simply Quaint said...

I love the gifts you're making got your daughter, and to surprise her with the vanity, oh how fun, please share pictures.......I wanted to ask if you would share your recipe for the tomato soup, I have canned tomatoes that need used this winter and tomato soup is one of my favorites.....thank you for sharing your home, your daily routines and your family....I love to read your blog, it's ine of my favorites....

Anonymous said...

These pictures are lovely. The cheese grater and Lego scenes made me smile. The doll clothes sewing took me back to the days of sewing American Girl clothing for my daughter and as birthday gifts for her friends. I find your blog so refreshing!

Christal said...

Amber I love your blog, was wondering where do you purchase your beautiful yarn?

Lisa said...

Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese...comfort food!! Love your happy cheese grater. :)