Thursday, January 14, 2016


Early morning when the sun is just starting to poke its glorious head up from above the horizon  ~ this is the time I love best. I wake to the sound and the glorious (oh so glorious, most glorious) smell of coffee dripping. Quiet time is spent in the Word, sometimes before Brad leaves, sometimes after. These mornings, it's the copying of the book of Luke into an old fifteen-cent tablet. (It's been wonderfully simple and just what I need right now.)

The kids start to rise. Lily is almost always first. She eats and drinks her hot tea. Ian saunters out eventually for breakfast. My chores have been quietly and restfully started; only the easier ones, nothing loud or too taxing. 

We like to start our mornings out slow. It's a most blessed advantage as a homeschooling family. Most days we have no need to rush around (but I am most impressed with mothers who do send their children off to school each morning and then head to work themselves; oh what a task it is to get everyone and their things out the door on time!)

Coffee. Tea. Breakfast. The Word of God. Quiet reading. Warm candles lit. Maybe some knitting or other crafting tucked in there. Lately, I've been hearing the strumming of the guitar as Ian has found the morning time to be his most focused time to practice his lesson. Once breakfast is done, the kids head out to do the morning farm chores while I stay in and clean up the kitchen and mentally check the plan for the day.

Morning is definitely a favorite of mine. I love its newness. I love the quietness. I love the clean slate, the opportunity to start new and refreshed. And I most definitely love that first cup of coffee!


Simply Quaint said...

Amber so glad to have you back posting, I check in periodically and was so excited to see life has slowed down for you to be able to come back to blog land.....�� I love seeing and hearing how your daily life happens, love your knitting projects, have you been spinning anymore wool? How did your fall craft sale go? Loved seeing how you decorated your home with all your goods to sell....
Have a wonder day.......

Thank you for coming back to share

~Rhonda ~

Wendi said...

It is nice to see post popping up from you again. Megan is a little under the weather this morning so it is a home day for us. We are enjoying a slow morning. I think it will refresh us both!

Unknown said...


You are so so creative and talented! Glad you are back to blogging. You inspire me to just be better and more mindful of my daily life.


Lisa said...

Lovely, peaceful, calm. Just how I prefer my mornings as well. And coffee, yes. :) Our two chidren still at home (15 and 17 yrs.) are up and join Dan and me and the table for breakfast and devotions at 7 before Dan leaves for work at 7:30. The kids and I "meet" afterward to go over what is on our individual agendas for the day, and the off we all go to our tasks. Life is different with teens and no younger children around, but I'm thankful the Lord has blessed me with lots of busyness to keep my mind, hands, and heart filled and not longing for what once was. Thanks for visiting, Amber.
xo Lisa :)

Jill said...

Lovely photos... all the comforts of home :-)


Simply At Home said...

Amber, once again I love your photo's, your home is filled with things that make it so homey. You capture things so well. Your mornings sound a lot like mine.
I love the slowest that morning brings...the newness, the joy and God's renewing mercies make it my favorite time of the day. I'm with you on the home-schooling...what is not to love about it. I wish all moms had a heart for it. have a wonderful evening my friend.

Mari said...

Hi Amber! Thanks so much for stopping at my blog. I live in Michigan and you do seem to get the same weather in PA a day after us.
I really enjoyed reading about your mornings and looking at the photos. I'll be back!

Billie Jo said...

Good morning!
What a lovely spot you have created here...
I am your newest follower, and look forward to visiting often. : )
Mornings are my favorite here as well!
I love mornings too!
In fact, as I type this, I am snuggled in bed with my youngest drinking my first cup of coffee as she has her milk.
Soon we will head down together and plug in the lights and light a candle to begin our day.
Have a cozy day with your family. : )

harknessangels said...

I love the slow start to our mornings too! So glad you are back, really enjoy catching up with you! :)

karen said...

mornings are my favorite time of the day. So quiet and peaceful and mostly alone with my thoughts. Your mornings look grand.

Stephen said...

Beautiful description of starting the day!

Alicia said...